Artificial Solutions And Oesía To Build Virtual Mayor in EU Backed E-Government Project

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction and customer service optimization specialist, announced today that its intelligent virtual assistant technology has been chosen to create a virtual mayor as part of a project to demonstrate the future of e-Government. Collaborating with Spain’s leading ICT services and Aerospace Engineering company Oesía, and funded by the Spanish government as part of the EUREKA program, Artificial Solutions’ Virtual Mayor will aim to be the online face of local government websites, winning citizens over with its humanlike interaction and intelligent responses to their questions.

The concept project will demonstrate how Artificial Solutions intelligent virtual assistants can revolutionize government websites by enabling citizens to find the answer to their queries quickly and easily online. From simple questions such as refuge collection dates to providing forms for planning permission and even applying for work permits, the Virtual Mayor will be able to interact with citizens via either chat or voice, reading replies out loud if required.

“We are very pleased to be working together with Oesía on such an important project and the opportunity to demonstrate the potential benefits that our technology can bring to governments and their citizens not just in Spain, but throughout Europe,” comments Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “Artificial Solutions’ virtual assistants are already having a positive effect elsewhere in government, such as the tax office in one European country that has seen a substantial reduction in calls and a significant improvement in public perception since introducing a virtual assistant to its website to assist tax payers.”

Developed as part of the EUREKA program, a European initiative aimed at improving productivity through innovation, the Virtual Mayor will be powered by Artificial Solutions award-winning technology that uses natural language processing and the principals of artificial intelligence to interpret free format conversations. The Virtual Mayor’s ability to truly interpret and understand online conversations will enable it to provide intelligent, human-like responses in its interactions with citizens.

“Oesía extensive expertise in government IT consulting makes us well placed to define the scope of the project, complementing the excellent technology developed by Artificial Solutions. Our decade of experience will ensure that technical aspects such as open standards and ease of integration make the Virtual Mayor a project that can be used by citizens everywhere,” says Stéphan Maisons, CEO of IT and BPO of Oesía.

The Virtual Mayor will demonstrate the potential that virtual assistants offer governments from responding quickly to citizens online and improving the relationship with the community, to reducing the number of inbound phone calls or face to face interaction as citizens find the answers to their queries easily online. Already deployed by some of Europe’s most successful brands, Artificial Solutions’ virtual assistants typically deliver a reduction of between 20-25% of inbound telephone calls.

About Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions develops and implements software-as-a-service based virtual assistants that allow intelligent conversations between people and computers to be held in 23 different languages across multiple channels including the web, mobile (smart phone), SMS, email, social networks and live-chat. Utilizing its natural language interaction technology, Artificial Solutions helps organizations improve customer experience and reduce the cost of online queries. With its development center in Stockholm, its employees represent 30 nationalities in offices in Sweden, Spain, UK, Italy, France, Slovenia , Germany, Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands.

About Oesía

Oesía is a Spanish multinational technology company which provides specialized ICT consultancy, business process outsourcing, engineering and advanced services. It has a consolidated revenue of 220 million Euros, employs more than 3,500 people and is present in Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, USA, Panama and Cuba. Among its main shareholders are the main savings bank groups in Spain. For more information visit

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