5 metrics to help evaluate your Customer Success Team

customer success team
The difference between Conversational AI implementation success and failure? A strong customer success team. 

Artificial Solutions recently undertook a survey with a range of its enterprise-level clients, partners, and conversational AI professionals to generate feedback on the performance of its Customer Success and Support departments in order to learn what improvements could be made across our internal client support services. 

The results of the survey were highly satisfactory, with an average scoring of 4.5/5 for satisfaction.  
Most common words in the additional comment section of the customer success survey

If you are in the process of selecting a vendor to support the development of Conversational AI solutions across your business, a critical factor that requires your consideration is the performance of a vendor´s customer success team. 

The importance of a dedicated and skilled customer success team cannot be understated, and it is imperative that conversational AI projects are supported by well-resourced teams for projects to be implemented successfully. 

This short guide will help you understand what is required of a customer success team that supports global deployments of conversational AI solutions. 

Experience and Guidance 

A team that supports the implementation and maintenance of a conversational AI project must have the skillset and technical knowledge to guide you through the entire end-to-end process. A team must know how to deliver projects because they’ve delivered them effectively in the past and they must understand what issues you will encounter before they even happen. 

Furthermore, if a customer success team has the experience of actually building and developing CAI solutions, you will benefit even further from their knowledge of system integrations and deployment.  

Make sure to ask this question when talking with each vendor. 

“We were provided with constant support from the Artificial Solutions team.” 2022 Client Survey Feedback 

However, the challenge is making an objective judgement on which vendor has the most effective customer success team. Many operators fail to provide adequate visibility of the performance of their internal teams, so asking for testimonials or a connection from existing clients may provide you with an opportunity to learn more.  

Customer testimonials and reviews are key points to pay attention to before selecting your vendor. 


No matter how much you prepare and plan, something is bound to go wrong over the course of a large-scale IT implementation project, which makes it even more important for a team to be available at critical moments when something does go wrong. 

The key point to keep in mind is that your customers will be the ones impacted by problems, which will have a detrimental impact on their experience and a potential loss of revenue and reputation.  

“I like the closeness that the Artificial Solutions team has with our internal members. They are always available when they are needed.” 2022 Client Survey Feedback 

A customer success team that supports CAI projects must be agile and have the ability to react to problems with speed and patience. This will save you a huge amount of time and ensure that you get the most value from the support team. 

A Proactive Attitude 

Even though having a team that can react to problems quickly is a bonus, it still isn´t the best measurement of best-in-class operation. The real mark of a high-performance customer success team is their ability to foresee and plan to address issues before they arise.  

For example, if you are planning for a large IT system migration, the customer success team should be aware of the full scale of the project and plan to integrate the CAI system way before the new IT goes live. 

Whether it is an update, a potential bug, or change in features, your Customer Success team should always go an extra mile in preparing you for the changes and advising you on potential actions that could be taken to make transitions smoother.  

Your customer success team should act as your closest ally and partner when developing CAI solutions. No matter what stage your solution is at, your CS team should be able to hold your hand at every step of the journey. 

The Provision of Documentation and Resources 

Some issues can be resolved without the immediate support of an agent, and the process becomes quicker for your team to resolve an issue if resources are available to guide your team to a solution efficiently.  

Many organizations that develop CAI solutions require assistance and guidance from the Customer Success department, but this journey must be supported a rich library of video tutorials, written guides, live Q&A sessions and leaning courses. 

A full library of resources that is constantly updated with new content based upon customer feedback is a critical element of CAI deployment success for an organization. If you are onboarding a new member of your team, they need to be able to have the relevant materials to learn from if they have not been involved with the project since inception. A variety of articles, forums and videos on best practices is an important resource for any CAI developer. 

“The Teneo forum is a great place to learn about making our solution better and to find tips from other clients of Artificial Solutions.” – 2022 Client Survey Feedback  

 Furthermore, fostering an engaged community of CAI professionals is vital for vendors, as a community could provide further support for your team to make requests and ask questions when needed. 

Professionalism, Professionalism, Professionalism 

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but professional standards are a cornerstone of a strong Customer Success team.  

From dealing with difficult requests to communicating with other senior members of your team in order to explain key issues, you need to be able to trust the professionalism of your Customer Success team.  

You must be assured that your CS team will provide monthly sessions to run through your latest updates and questions, while also providing quarterly updates in order to cover major progress updates.  

“The Artificial Solutions team have always displayed a high level of professionalism and practicality” – 2022 Client Survey Feedback