Hello Audi!

We have produced an automated car bot that increase leads. You’ll be able to convert leads before they’ve even come to your dealer.

Our car bot looks after your future customers until they’re ready to book a test drive. Watch this video to see the Audi bot in action.

  • Speaks 86 languages
  • Verified by Microsoft, IKEA, Shell and many other brands

Case study

Learn how ŠKODA boosted test drives with Conversational AI

ŠKODA’s goal was for customers to be able to book a test drive 24/7 – serving both early risers and late-night bingers.

After deploying the Teneo digital assistant Laura, the car brand enjoyed a:

  • 400% increase of website conversion rates
  • 300% more website traffic and engagement
  • 24/7 personalized customer service

Discover how Skoda utilized Conversational AI to create highly personalized digital interactions.

What do we do at Artificial Solutions?

We enable you to build Conversational AI solutions faster and spend less time maintaining them.

Our development platform, LUIS^teneo combines two leading technologies in Conversational AI – Teneo and Microsoft LUIS.

Our customers claim that LUIS^teneo is the most productive development platform and environment for Conversational AI.

Audi, explore the power of Teneo