Artificial Solutions Company Overview

With Teneo, you build better bots.

Artificial Solutions removes the unnecessary barriers between customers and service by connecting the dots with properly engineered conversational bots. If your customers wait in queues your bots are not good enough.

We share our clients’ core belief; a successful platform support and connect both engineering and CX-competence. That’s why our clients run some of the world’s largest and most efficient Conversational AI initiatives.

Our work has been trusted by hundreds of enterprises and some of the largest technology enterprise organizations on the planet, including Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Google, Microsoft, Nuance, and IBM who all have made forward citations of our pioneering patents, confirming our position as a leading innovator in the Conversational AI space.

It took two decades of real-world experiences and 150 MUSD to build Teneo, the one-of-a-kind Conversational AI platform. Teneo means “to understand”, and this fundamental capability drives:

  • Understanding the designer’s needs (collaborative, visual, intuitive)
  • Understanding the developer’s needs (intuitive, transparent, accessible, programmatic)
  • Understanding the customer’s needs (multi-channel, multi-lingual)
  • Understanding the business’ needs (to scale, to achieve ROI)

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform handles 86 languages, and we cover 40% of the world’s population. Teneo has the most extensive language a catalogue in the market.

Our Industry Firsts


Added further built-in language support – now covering 86 languages and close to 40% of the world’s population.


In 2021 we launched LUIS^Teneo which combines two top technologies, Microsoft LUIS and Teneo, to help you build, test, and release conversational bots faster.


Adamant in empowering developers with faster time-to-value we switched to SaaS in 2020, making it possible for our customers to pay as they grow.


In 2019 we enhanced productivity for developers with master and local language features. Teneo is the only CAI platform that enables enterprises to reuse large sections of AI assets from one build to the next. We also introduced a Hybrid Model, combining Machine Learning and Linguistic Approach for development.


In 2018 we pioneered visual flows – a highly visual and easy to understand representation of a conversation between a solution and the end-user. While our competitors were simply developing FAQ systems, Teneo’s visual flow made it easy to graphically build dialogs with drag and drop flow elements.


2009 we launched the first system to help automate and enhance multichannel customer service. With a virtual assistant, we connected enterprises end-to-end with conversational AI, integrating frontend and backend systems.


In 2008 we won the Loebner award (Turing test), with our technology that allowed our customers to build chatbots that were great at small talk through SMS or web chat


In 2006, IKEA chose our company to launch their assistant Anna, to help users navigate their website and get information about their products, in 25 different languages


In 2001 we launched the world’s first automated virtual assistant, showing that it indeed was possible to automate conversations