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Applications of NLI

Applications of NLINatural Language Interaction (NLI), delivered through our Teneo platform, is driving millions of conversations between people and technology every week.  We have packaged our technology, services and support programs to meet the needs of businesses, developers and partners.

To learn more about the applications of NLI for your area of interest, please click on the tabs below.

NLI makes it easy for your customers to interact with your technology and your organization in the way that best suits them.

If you operate in the consumer electronics sector, we can give you the technology to deliver intelligent, speech-enabled natural language capabilities that truly differentiate your technology.  This allows your customers to communicate with your connected devices using everyday, conversational speech, text and even gesture.  So, whether your devices run Android, Windows or iOS; and whether your customers speak Korean, Mandarin, Russian or any of the 21 languages we already support, we can help you deliver an intelligent, natural language interface.  Read more about Teneo for Consumer Devices.

If you are a customer facing private or public sector organization, we can help you improve customer service, reduce costs and increase sales by delivering automated NLI solutions that operate across the web, mobile, email and social network channels. With NLI, your customers can use normal, everyday language to get answers to their questions, resolve their issues and perform transactions. In short, it allows real, useful conversations to take place between machines (computers) and humans.  Read more about Online Virtual Assistants.

Teneo Toolkit  gives developers the ability to significantly enrich apps by providing the capability to answer questions, retrieve information or access resources, perform e-commerce transactions and much more – all in an intelligent, humanlike manner, regardless of platform, device or language – thanks to the power of NLI.   Teneo Toolkit harnesses this power in a cloud-based suite of tools designed specifically for the developer community.  Learn more about Teneo Toolkit here.

The Teneo Partner Program enables you to add our award-winning NLI technology to your own product portfolio and offer your customers the most humanlike, intelligent and capable virtual assistants to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase sales. Partnering with us will help you maximize revenue, differentiate yourself from competitors and increase profitability

The program offers a choice of  categories according to the level of involvement and sales you will generate. In return, our partners can access support and benefits across sales, marketing, technical, training and support. You can view these categories and benefits on our dedicated partner pages, where you will also find details of our existing partners and a Partner inquiry form.


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