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Artificial Solutions develops award-winning Natural Language Interaction (NLI), a technology that allows people to converse with computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices in a human-like and intelligent manner.


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Voted for by a worldwide network of professionals, advisers, clients, peers and business insiders, the Acquisition International Business Excellence Awards celebrate the individuals and firms whose commitment to excellence sees them exceeding clients’ expectations on a daily basis while setting the bar for others in their industry.
Frost & Sullivan presents this award to companies that have developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products but also enables the development of newer products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of the recipient’s technology. Read more.
"We constantly strive to deliver innovative natural language solutions to our customers that help them improve all areas of their business from customer service and sales, to process automation".  Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions.

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How NLI is helping turn the world of Personal Assistants like Indigo

NLI News Virtual AssistantsWhat if you had just one app that you could converse with naturally, that would understand your needs and wishes and that eliminated the need for you to know intricacies of features and services, and just carried out that request?

At Artificial Solutions we believe that the personal assistant app has the potential to integrate all aspects of technology seamlessly into a user’s everyday life. Read about this and about more Natural Language Interaction news by clicking the bottom below.


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