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Online Virtual AssistantOur online Virtual Assistants help you dramatically improve the levels of customer service and provide valuable customer insight, whilst significantly lowering costs.

The key to a successful online virtual assistant is intelligence, not just a pretty face.

Our online virtual assistants are capable of holding ‘humanlike’ intelligent, two-way conversations using natural language. It enables you to improve the customer experience by helping visitors to your website find the information they are looking for faster and easier than ever before.

Research shows that the majority of customers visit a company website first before ringing a call centre. Provide the answer for customers to find quickly online and it’s one less call to your call centre. Our clients typically benefit from savings of more than 25% by using our intelligent virtual assistants.

But that’s only the beginning of how a web assistant can transform your customers’ online experience. Intelligence means that they have the capability to interpret and understand what your customer is asking. In a sales situation our virtual assistants provide the perfect way to up-sell or cross sell in a relaxed and non-intrusive manner.

Alternatively, you might want to have a web assistant that is internally focused, helping your own staff find the information they need to serve customers quickly and accurately. In organizations where complex product sets or high staff turnover is normal, an internal web assistant can also help support training, in addition to ensuring that only correct information is given to the customer.

Our virtual assistants have proved to add value in multiple business areas, especially in Customer Service and online sales. To learn more about how our virtual assistants can help your company improve in these two areas, click on the tabs below.


Deliver a Better Service Online

Research shows that a desire for immediate information is driving consumers online to find the answer to their queries – and to a competitor’s website if they can’t.

Intuitive, helpful and expert, our intelligent virtual assistants can dynamically interpret, understand and respond to online customer requests for help or information. Instead of having to navigate to pages buried deep in complex website structures or searching endless FAQ lists, customers can explain what they want in simple, natural language terms and get an expert answer, every time.

Reduce Calls to Your Contact Center

With first-time resolution rates of 85% and above, your customers will love your web-based assistant and return to them any time they have a question. Perfect for troubleshooting common problems, helping with account administration and providing general advice, your virtual assistant will enhance your customers’ experience online.

You’ll appreciate the typical inbound telephone call reduction of between 20-25%, which not only relieves pressure on an overstretched call center, it offers significant cost savings too.

Help Your Own Staff Answer Queries Faster

Used internally on an intranet, virtual assistants can frequently improve the productivity of the call centre itself by taking advantage of the speed in which the virtual assistant can provide an answer to a query.

Research indicates that employees who use their virtual assistant can find the answer 65% faster than colleagues not using the technology. The virtual assistant’s knowledge base can also be used by new recruits to provide accurate answers to customer queries.

With an intelligent virtual assistant as part of your customer service team you can deliver the kind of service your customer expects with ease. Read more about Virtual Assistants for Intranets in our blog article at NLInews.

Get More People to Your Online Store

Teneo Virtual Assistant as a sales and marketing agent adds value to your online shopping experience – hence your online sales figures – in many ways.

Imagine the impact of an intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant that interacts with your prospects as part of a viral marketing campaign. It would catapult your brand into ‘cool status’ and become the perfect device to drive traffic to your online store.

Or what about incorporating a cool, intelligent Virtual Sales Assistant in your website or building one in to a banner ad to differentiate your brand. The word of mouth traffic generated would without doubt help attract more visitors to your online store.

Welcome Your Visitors

But getting visitors to your site is only the start of the battle. Just like a real shop assistant in a high street store, your Virtual Sales Assistant will meet and greet your online customer by offering help and assistance.

However, a Virtual Sales Assistant has an advantage over its human counterpart. It can react to your customers’ web navigation pattern and proactively offer help in a much more subtle and less intrusive manner than chat with real people.

Minimize Drop-Outs

A Virtual Sales Assistant will ensure that the shopping process and experience is as smooth as possible, hence minimize drop-outs.

Indeed, research shows that consumers abandon their online purchases without fast answers. A recent US survey for example found that 57% of online consumers report that they are very likely to abandon an online purchase if they cannot find quick answers to questions.

A Virtual Sales Assistant is always available to answer questions about how to shop, your payment process, your products – indeed, any of the multiple queries that your customers might pose. And, it can also help cross and up sell your products by making subtle buying suggestions.

All in all, a Teneo Virtual Assistant could be your most successful sales channel.

Our online Teneo Virtual Assistants can bring your company many benefits:

  • Enhanced customer support. The ability to deliver enhanced customer support, higher customer satisfaction levels and significantly lowered costs.
  • Personalized customer service.  The provision of personal, individualized and expert service to every customer, regardless of channel, time or geography, without the cost of a live agent.
  • Puts you in control.  Access to Teneo Studio, allows you to quickly and easily build and maintain complex NLI solutions using our groundbreaking visual flowchart-based user interface. We can also provide a fully managed service if you prefer.
  • Multi-lingual.  Immediate coverage for 21 languages out of the box, with others rapidly available if required, enabling you to speak to any customer instantly, in their own language.
  • Proven. The reassurance of many proven deployments across multiple business sectors.
  • Award-winning NLI technology. Access to the most advanced NLI technology of its type allowing you to own and develop a solution without dependency on third party services.
  • Extensive integration. The current feature list of Teneo enables the delivery of sophisticated and intelligent Teneo Virtual Assistants that can be deeply integrated into your business.
  • Experience.  The advantage of over 10 years’ experience and a proven track record of addressing both the technical and psychological challenges of automated dialogue-based interactions. This is an unmatched level of stability and real-world experience.
  • Choice of deployment options. The choice of hosted SaaS deployment or support for on-premise, internally hosted solutions.


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