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mobile computing applicationsThe smartphone has revolutionized the way we think about computers. In fact, we don’t think about them at all. We expect the phone in our pocket to do many things, providing us with access to a whole range of tools to improve our lifestyle and our performance at work. We can use it to talk, text, email and browse. To shop, bank, take and share pictures, and play games.  And that’s where the power of voice is about to change everything.

Speech recognition has been available on mobile phones for a number of years, but deviate from the simple keywords such as “Call Office” and most mobile personal assistants struggle to understand.

NLI picks up the deficit in speech recognition by utilizing powerful linguistic libraries and applying advanced reasoning rules, including context and dialogue history, to add intelligence to a conversation. If applicable, information from back-end or external systems can also be included to provide the most appropriate response.

The result is a free format, natural language conversation where the mobile device is able to understand and carry out the requests of the user.

Smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the main interface to the internet and hence they link to your organization. By embracing the power of mobile computing your customers can engage with you at any time in an automated, but natural, humanlike way.

Our mobile solution applications are provided through our product Teneo Mobile, a platform independent technology designed to enable companies, organizations, manufacturers and developers to create their own virtual assistant as a mobile app, regardless of platform, mobile device and even language. Teneo Mobile provides you with:

  • Ability to develop apps for any mobile platform
  • Opportunity to add voice to your apps
  • Native App Connectivity

The increase in speech-enabled personal assistant solutions for smartphones has radically changed consumer expectations. Artificial Solutions provides a language, device and platform independent alternative that can be quickly tailored and extended, allowing you to leapfrog existing offerings and offer genuine differentiation in the market.

By harnessing the power of speech-enabled Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology, you can deliver a highly intuitive voice controlled experience to your customers when they interact with your mobile devices.  This enhanced level of interactivity will help you improve customer satisfaction with your devices, and develop loyalty and customer lifetime value and give you genuine competitive advantage.

Our Teneo-based mobile virtual assistants understand spoken sentences, regardless of variations such as tone, diction, syntax, idiom and dialect – across multiple languages. Standalone ASR systems do not always recognize every word, but when used in conjunction with our Teneo NLI platform, the accuracy for speech interaction with customers is greatly improved.  Of course, it is also possible for your customers to interact with our Teneo Mobile solutions using other forms of input such as text and even gesture control; all are just different forms of input that can be interpreted by our NLI technology.

Customized Solutions

Our powerful Teneo NLI platform allows us to quickly develop sophisticated natural language solutions whilst our bespoke services are tailored to ensure we meet your specific requirements. So, if you are looking to develop your own unique speech-enabled application, we can provide the technology, training and consultancy to support you in the process. Alternatively, you may be looking for a mobile personal assistant able to speak multiple languages, tailored to your devices and platforms and supported, hosted and managed by Artificial Solutions, we can help.

We even have Indigo – an intelligent, cross platform, personal assistant built using Teneo and available as a managed service by Artificial Solutions. Read More

Benefits of Using Teneo

Teneo gives you the opportunity to add intelligent, speech-enabled interactivity to your mobile devices; fast!

  • An intelligent, speech-enabled solution allows your customers to control and interact with their device in an engaging and innovative way, giving you clear level of differentiation in the market.
  •  Natural Language capability adds genuinely humanlike intelligence to existing speech-recognition capabilities.
  • A tried and tested implementation process enables you to rapidly develop, optimize and deploy natural language based solutions on any platform or device.
  • A uniquely user-friendly and easy to use interface allows you to add new functionality and features without requiring technical input.
  • Unprecedented levels of consumer insight via our dedicated analytics and consumer insight tool.
  • No dependence on external or third party vendors – manage your solution in-house with your existing staff.
  • Your developers can quickly and easily build natural language interactivity into any app or device, thanks to Teneo’s open API and software developer toolkit (SDK) delivered through Teneo Toolkit.
  • Platform, language and device independent.
  • A choice of a hosted SaaS deployment, or support for on-premise, internally hosted solutions.
  • We have over 10 years’ experience and a proven track record of live customer projects in many geographies and languages, providing an unmatched level of stability and real-world experience.
  • Teneo offers 21 languages out of the box, with others available as needed via a patented rapid implementation process.
  • Teneo’s external connectivity makes it easy to access databases or other information content and online services, then use it as part of a response to a query.

Your customers increasingly demand mobile innovation and brand-consistency across multiple device. Teneo offers an innovative way to reinforce your brand using mobile computing. You can stay in touch with your customers, whenever and wherever is right for them. With Teneo, you can have a speech-enabled, intelligent virtual assistant as your brand ambassador, permanently available on mobile devices.

As more and more customers turn to their smartphones and tablets to search for information, Virtual Assistants that have been optimized for the mobile platform will take hold, providing a competitive differentiator for many organizations.

Your customers will be impressed with the ease in which they can interact with your organization. For example, simply by saying “I want to go to Barcelona next Thursday”, a customer could choose their flight, class, even their seat – all from their mobile phone, quickly and simply.

Even if the customer gets distracted by other queries such as legroom or luggage allowance, your virtual assistant, like any good agent, will bring the customer back to the purpose of the conversation incorporating any additional information into the result and asking other questions if required.

Whether you take your current web based virtual assistant online or create new ones for specific campaigns or areas of the business, it’s important for it to be available for all your customers regardless of which mobile platform or handset they use.

Our unique technology and the platform independence of Teneo Mobile allows you to quickly implement your own mobile virtual assistant to take advantage of the mobile computing revolution, without the worry of who will win the battle of the mobile platform.

Benefits of Using Teneo to build Customer Service Apps

  • Harness the power of NLI.  The proven power of Natural Language Interaction (NLI) technology allows your mobile app to think, reason and converse in an intelligent, humanlike manner.
  • Easy integration. Teneo comes with built-in integration to common mobile device features and common online services. The open API and extensive SDK allow Teneo to be more closely integrated with specific features on individual devices.
  • App connectivity. Teneo links to external apps, accessing content and using it as part of a response to a query. So if you ask “what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?” Teneo will know what day ‘tomorrow’ is and will access a relevant weather channel to find the answer. Likewise, ask Teneo to play your favorite song, and it could access a music service provider and start to play the song for you.
  • Animated avatars and built-in intelligence. Teneo offers complete flexibility. If an animated personal assistant, displayed as an avatar, meets a company’s brand guidelines, we can deliver. If you prefer the interface to be less visual, this is no problem either. At the end of the day, it is the Natural Language Interaction engine that is the brain, delivering intelligence.
  • Multiple languages. Teneo currently supports 21 languages, including Mandarin and Russian, offering a global solution.
  • Improved customer service. Teneo offers an innovative and effective way to communicate with customers, providing 24/7 service in an automated, yet approachable, way.
  • Increased Business Value. Our powerful analytics module, Teneo Insight, gives you unprecedented insight and understanding into what customers are thinking.

Native App Connectivity

A dedicated mobile Virtual Assistant will enable you to deliver a better user experience than just running a Virtual Assistant in a mobile web browser. This is because embedded apps can be integrated more deeply into smartphone and tablet features, allowing you to link to virtually any app from within your Virtual Assistant.

Native App Connectivity enables your customers to access functionalities such as calling telephone numbers or locate an office on Google maps all from within your app. But with our NLI technology your customers will be able to do even more.

For example, our mobile virtual assistants can understand idiomatic instructions like “next Wednesday” and book a meeting in the calendar without you needing to specify the actual date.


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