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Connected Consumer DevicesConsumer appetite for speech-enabled natural language interfaces is growing quickly and is fast becoming an essential and expected element of the user interface for all smart technology.

Imagine having an intelligent personal assistant on your Smart TV, SatNav, games console, laptop, tablet or any other connected device that your customers can talk to using everyday conversational language.  One that is able to understand what they are saying, answer their queries, respond to requests and provide instant help.  The Teneo Platform from Artificial Solutions enables our clients in the consumer electronics sector to deliver this vision.

Teneo transforms the way your customers control and interact with your devices using everyday natural language and phrases. It is the technology that allows intelligent, speech-enabled natural language solutions to be built and deployed using any platform, language or operating system, whether you build a solution from the ground up, using our SDK, or take advantage of our managed service, Indigo.  Both options enable you to offer a tailored, intelligent, on-brand personal assistant who delivers a consistent and engaging user experience on any connected device.


Natural Language Interaction Solutions for Connected Consumer Devices

Why we are different

Connected Consumer DevicesTeneo has been designed to allow non-technical, non-linguists to build intelligent, humanlike and capable speech-enabled personal assistants and NLI applications using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This significantly reduces the time to market, delivers a faster return on investment and puts you in control. Additionally, the native natural language understanding delivered through Teneo’s analytics tools provides unprecedented insight into customer attitudes and behavior.

So is Teneo different from speech recognition and voice command systems?  Absolutely!

Speech recognition (ASR) in effect converts spoken words to text. It doesn’t have humanlike intelligence. It can’t qualify a question by asking for more information. It can’t remember. It can’t search other information sources for information. In summary, it’s not able to deliver intelligent solutions.  Read more about NLI.

Voice command systems go a step further, controlling device features using simple keywords and commands such as “Call Office” or “change channel” but push beyond these instructional style requests and the technology starts to struggle.

This is where Teneo picks up the deficit in speech recognition by utilizing powerful linguistic libraries and applying advanced reasoning rules, including context and dialog history, to add intelligence to a conversation. If applicable, information from back-end systems or external services and apps can be included to provide the most appropriate response.

The result – a natural-sounding conversation where your consumer oriented devices are able to understand and carry out the requests of the user.

Of course, we recognize that ‘one-size’ most definitely doesn’t fit all.  Each of our clients has different goals and objectives and engage with us in different ways. This is why we have a suite of products to meet your individual requirements, backed by flexible and proven Professional Services.  Read more.

Teneo gives you the opportunity to add intelligent, speech-enabled interactivity to any connected consumer device.

  • Platform, language and device independence.  Because Teneo has been designed to be systems agnostic, we can deploy onto whatever existing systems you have, in whatever languages you need.
  • Real intelligence.  Our unique NLI capability adds genuine humanlike intelligence to existing speech-recognition capabilities.
  • Quickly implemented.  Tried and tested implementation process ensures rapid deployment.
  • Teneo Studio.  The first user application of its kind, Teneo Studio allows you to add new functionality and features without requiring technical input.
  • Teneo Insight.  Our dedicated analytics packaged will give you unprecedented levels of consumer insight.
  • Software Developer Kit (SDK). A standardised suite of applications which your developers can use to quickly and easily build natural language interactivity into apps or devices.
  • Clear market advantage. Our intelligent, speech-enabled solution allows your customers to control and interact with their device in an engaging and innovative way, giving you clear level of differentiation in the market.
  • Proven experience. With over a decade of real-life implementations behind us, we have an unmatched level of stability and real-world experience.
  • Multi-lingual deployment.  Teneo already offers 21 languages out of the box.  New languages are deployed using a rapid, proven process.
  • External integration.  Teneo can be integrated with external services, apps and content providers, and can use information from these sources as part of a response to a query.
  • Fast deployment. A proven implementation process, refined over hundreds of installations means your project will be up and running in no time.

Indigo is an intelligent, cross platform, personal assistant built and available as a managed service by Artificial Solutions and designed to transform the way your customers interact with your technology.

Indigo is a thinking, intelligent and hugely capable mobile personal assistant with her own personality and the ability to understand not only language but also context and intent. This humanlike ability to understand and interpret questions and commands gives Indigo a powerful advantage over competing technologies as she applies intelligent thinking to reason and ascertain the most appropriate response or action.

Whilst Indigo already includes a comprehensive range of features and capabilities, the underlying Teneo technology used to build Indigo ensures that new features and specific functionality can be quickly developed, deployed and maintained.  We are able to customize almost every aspect of Indigo to deliver a unique, highly differentiated solution in the fastest possible time.  For example, we can deploy Indigo in multiple languages, we can tailor her personality and ‘small-talk’ capabilities to exactly match your brand guidelines, and we can tailor the information and data you are able to capture about the conversations she has, to give you unprecedented customer insight.


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