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Big-Data Analytics

Customer InsightData is widely recognized as being one of your company’s most valuable assets; helping you recognize and understand trends, customer behavior and sentiment and being a key component in building successful customer relationships, maintain loyalty and increase repeat business.

When people communicate in a natural, conversational manner, they reveal significant amounts of information about their views, sentiment, likes and dislikes, and much more.  When people converse with automated online virtual assistants and mobile personal assistants, this information can be captured and, as long as you have to tools to understand and interpret large volumes of unstructured natural language conversations, it can be analyzed and interpreted.

Once this information is multiplied by millions of conversations, unprecedented levels of Big Data customer insight is made available to identify trends, issues, relationships and even to target individuals with relevant, targeted messaging.

Teneo’s powerful NLI text-mining capabilities are used to unlock the knowledge from these vast numbers of natural language, unstructured conversations to deliver previously un-heard of levels of big-data analytics.

But this insight doesn’t just stop with conversational log-files from online virtual assistants and mobile personal assistants.

Our NLI analytics technology can also take existing legacy data – for example held within emails, chat logs, call transcripts, social media feeds, FAQ search strings or even Contact Us forms – and analyze it to reveal words, concepts and associations between concepts within this unstructured natural language data.  Intuitive visual tools are then used to structure this knowledge into categories, allowing you to break it down even to specific conversations, compare new inputs with previous data to identify new trends and build better customer profiles.

In short using our expertise in natural language and Teneo’s powerful NLI text-mining capabilities we are able to help you interpret large volumes of unstructured natural language data and deliver a clear and useful overview of what your users are thinking.


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