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Teneo StudioTeneo Studio is revolutionizing the world of NLI based solutions. A powerful, but intuitive tool, Teneo Studio puts non-technical users in charge of creating and developing solutions such as Personal Assistants for mobile devices, NLI solutions for Connected Consumer Devices or Virtual Assistants for web.

Before Teneo Studio, creating intelligent NLI based solutions was a time consuming task that required specialist skills, but we have specifically designed Teneo Studio to make developing your solution a normal business task, without losing any of the functionality you would expect from the world’s leading specialists in NLI.

Teneo Studio offers a way for non-experts to easily construct dialogues and business logic using the powerful flow chart structure which makes adding new dialogues or updating responses as simple as drag and drop, whilst one click publishing ensures any changes made are instantly available. The interface gives you complete visibility and there is no need for programming skills.

Teneo Studio is enterprise ready, allowing for larger teams – consisting of both technical developers and more business-minded designers – to collaborate on the same solution. Teneo Studio also ships with a full suite of testing tools. It supports custom enterprise workflows to enable existing policies and processes to be followed, which can be deployed directly from the tool.


Teneo Studio has been built with users in mind, which means it offers a number of unique benefits:

  • Business user empowerment. Teneo Studio moves the management and updating of NLI solutions from the IT department to the marketing, operations and customer services teams, giving these frontline teams the ability to update and change content the minute it’s needed.
  • Intuitive interface.  Teneo Studio displays complex dialog flows as a series of easy to understand flowcharts, meaning that users can intuitively navigate and manage their solution.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). By reducing the cost of managing the solution, Teneo Studio demonstrably reduces TCO, leading to a much quicker Return on Investment.
  • User friendliness.  Teneo Studio was designed with user-friendliness in mind, while maintaining advanced technological standards. This is contrary to other solutions which put technical functionality above usability, which can effectively render the solution unworkable from a user’s perspective.
  • Increased flexibility.  Teneo Studio gives users the ability to update the solution instantly, without the need for technical support or assistance.
  • Instant updates.  Users can test new flows and publish them instantly, ensuring that content is always up to date.  This can be a vital requirement, for example in times of emergency, when the same type of question is being asked by many users at the same time.

Teneo Studio enables users to leverage many advanced NLI capabilities, including:

  • Goal-driven dialogs.  Users can design and manage goal-driven or multi-step dialogs in order to achieve specific outcomes, for example new customer registrations, completed e-commerce transactions or shipping cost calculations.
  • Built-in safety nets.  To address the rare occasions when your NLI solution does not know the correct answer, Teneo’s built-in safety net feature will still be able to handle the situation, for example by routing the query to a live agent.
  • Interruptibility as standard.  Human conversation rarely follows a strict flow, more often that not diverting into unrelated sidelines and queries.  Teneo Studio understands this and handles these diversions easily, bringing the conversation back to the original topic if needed.
  • Reuse existing databases.  Teneo Studio is able to access information held in grid formats, such as product or specification databases. This means you can simply import existing databases without the need to create individual flows for each answer combination.


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