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Teneo Interaction Engine

Teneo Interaction EngineTeneo Interaction Engine is the world’s most robust natural language interaction (NLI) engine. It listens to and interprets what your customers are asking, and applies sophisticated linguistic algorithms and advanced reasoning rules to figure out the most appropriate response (as opposed to simply performing a voice search).

It also carries out requests and actions whether it be accessing information through a web service, performing an on-device action such as making a call or setting a meeting in your calendar or delivering a comprehensive answer to a service or sales query.

Teneo Interaction Engine can think for itself

It reasons like a human, using advanced linguistic and business rules to decide how best to respond to a query from your customer. Context comes into play here, such as time, date and place, or maybe information picked up from previous conversations, customer data retrieved from an external systems or pre-defined preferences held in a database. At this point, the Teneo Interaction Engine will also eliminate any ambiguities from its initial analysis.

Even one word can alter the meaning of a query. Teneo will instantly and dynamically re-assess content as the interaction develops, to understand what has changed and ensure it gives the right answers.

Natural language is full of subtle nuances, which Teneo is able to pick up and interpret. For example, it understands idiom and slang, even dialect and SMS shorthand – and it’s also sympathetic to grammar, syntax or spelling mistakes.

Teneo Interaction Engine

Teneo Interaction Engine will act on what it has understood

Not only is the Teneo Interaction Engine able to deliver text or spoken responses to queries, it can do many other things at the same time such as open a web page or complete a form. It will even complete transactions through back-end or e-commerce systems, and update databases – all at the same time. All this happens in the blink of an eye. Teneo Interaction Engine can complete many thousands of simultaneous interactions, without any risk of systems crashing or freezing. Additionally, all user interactions are recorded to enable Teneo Insight to provide insights into customer behavior.

Supporting Multiple Languages

Teneo is able to support over 20 languages and we are able to add new languages incredibly quickly, all because of the Teneo Language Libraries, an integral component of the Teneo Interaction Engine.

Having been continuously developed and enhanced for over a decade, using millions of real-life dialogs, machine learning, statistical tools and sophisticated algorithms, they are by far the most advanced language resource available for NLI solutions. Indeed, they are key in our ability to rapidly deploy NLI solutions across multiple languages.

If you want to learn more about Teneo Interaction Engine, download the datasheet for the product by clicking here.


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