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Teneo Insight

Teneo InsightTeneo Insight is an extremely fast, powerful analytics and reporting application that gives you valuable insight into your customers’ needs and behavior by tracking and analyzing customer conversations.

What are the most frequently asked questions by your customers? When they look for information, what’s missing? Is your website working for them – does it navigate naturally? How often do they come looking? What more can you do to make sure your virtual assistant delivers a great customer experience, every time? Teneo Insight can tell you. It’s a fast-acting, intuitive web-based tool for analyzing how users typically interact with Teneo Virtual Assistants and other solutions.

Use it to understand what your customers want – and then use that knowledge to build greater intelligence into your virtual assistant.

  • Find out what makes customers tick
  • Use customer feedback to build more intelligent virtual assistance
  • Track and improve your performance to meet changing customer demands

To learn about how Teneo Insight can help your business visit the Teneo Insight’s key benefits page.

Teneo Insight automatically analyzes vast amounts of free-format, natural language data gathered from recorded transcripts that have taken place in the various Teneo applications.

Then, using the powerful natural language interaction capabilities of the Teneo Interaction Engine, it interprets what these conversations mean, automatically tagging and categorizing information to reveal trends, issues and business insight that would be almost impossible to gather through other means.

For example, it can generate reports to track the number of interactions, list the top most frequent questions and responses and categorize questions for further analysis. It’ll include things like conversation types, resolution performance, channel preference, customer satisfaction, and more. You can examine all this in fine detail, including the conversations themselves, to understand how customers interact with your company and what they think of your products and services, and also to learn and anticipate the kind of questions customers typically ask when contacting you online.


Teneo Insight cuts through the complexity of analyzing thousands of conversations to find out what your customers are asking – and how well your Virtual Assistants are measuring up to their needs.

Get More From Your Virtual Assistant

Your Virtual Assistant is smart and efficient, able to handle thousands of customer queries a day. But like any contact center agent, he or she needs all the right information to hand to come up with instant and intelligent answers. As the first ‘person’ your customers talk to, your Virtual Assistant needs to make a strong and lasting impression.

By analyzing the conversations they have with customers, Teneo Insight enables you to identify and fill gaps in their knowledge, and systematically improve their competence as a brand ambassador and customer service agent.

Know Your Customer

Web analytics tools can tell you a great deal about how customers behave online, but they won’t tell you much about how customers express their needs in conversation.

Teneo Insight explores text transcripts of many live conversations to build a clear picture of what customers are asking for – and how. This is powerful knowledge that can influence everything you do for your customers – from online service and support to sales, marketing and operations.

Act Fast

Teneo Insight makes light work out of analyzing huge and complex files. You can pick up, follow and react to trends dynamically – in real time. The system rapidly reads and interprets dialogue in the context of each and every conversation. And this gives you the power to act fast in the here-and-now of your market.

Thanks to Teneo Insight, your Virtual Assistant never has to run to catch up. He or she is always ahead of the game.

Teneo Insight enables you to define dimensions for analyzing the text log files routinely recorded by Teneo Interaction engine to solve a specific problem. This enables you to filter the results of analysis according to different dimensional combinations. For example:

  • You want to know the best time to push a discounted offer to customers. Teneo Insight can analyze the volume of enquiries you had about the product over the past year, and tell you precisely when most of these conversations took place.
  • You want to know how successful you were in attracting new business through your latest ad campaign. Teneo Insight can identify what proportion of web traffic results from the campaign, as well as the number and demographic profile of customers that went on to buy the product.
  • You’ve noticed an unusually high number of returns requests for one of your products. This will have a key bearing on product and brand reputation and needs to be sorted out quickly. Teneo Insight enables you to drill down and check individual conversations and pin down the source of the problem.