AI for Customer Engagement

Artificial intelligence is transforming customer engagement. A digital employee, whether working on the helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, is critical to a successful workforce.

Digital Employee

Most humanlike, intelligent and capable digital employee available on any platform, in any language, anywhere.

Artificial Solutions’ digital employees think and interact just like a human. Intelligent and dynamic, a Teneo Digital Employee even has a personality! It will answer questions, resolve issues, help find information, process transactions, cross-sell complementary products and services and so much more.

Intuitive, helpful and an expert in every aspect of your business, all our digital employees can dynamically interpret, understand and respond to requests for help or information. No more wading through endless menu systems. Your customers and employees can simply ask for what they want – just as if they were talking to a live assistant—and get the right response, every time.

Our Digital Employees dramatically improve customer engagement, make enterprise users more productive, provide you with actionable business insight—and significantly reduce costs.

Digital Employees for Customer Experience

Digital Employee for Customer Experience

Deliver the Customer Experience Users Expect

People want a customer experience that’s fast and convenient for them. They want to text you a question while waiting in line for coffee or use their voice to make an online purchase while driving to work. With a Teneo Digital Employee you can deliver this expectation with ease.

Teneo allows customers to interact with you via their connected devices just as if they were talking to another human, and receive an intelligent response. Teneo doesn’t just understand the context of the conversation, its able to veer off to discuss a different issue, and then use its memory to remind the user of the original topic. Unlike many humans, it also remembers a user’s preferences from one interaction to the next, regardless of the device used.

A Teneo Digital Employee can also seamlessly integrate into back-end and third party systems, and use that information within the conversation to increase personalization and customer engagement.

Digital Employee for Online Support

Perfect for troubleshooting common problems, helping with account administration and providing general advice, your digital employee will make life faster and easier for your customers. And with over 30% of inbound queries typically deflected to automated channels, you’ll appreciate the significant cost savings.

Increase productivity in the call centre

In fact, our digital employees are so good their human counterparts often use them too. Inbound queries are answered faster and companies see an increase in first call resolution rates. In organizations with a high staff turnover, the digital employee can also act as a support to in-house training, ensuring even the newest recruit provides the correct answer.

Digital Employees for Contact Center

Digital Employees for Online Sales

Digital Employee for Online Sales

Maximize Your Sales

Your digital employee knows everything about your business. What you have in stock, the day’s special offers, recommendations for complementary products, but best of all it even knows what your customer likes too. Using information such as past purchases, web navigation pattern and real-time analysis of the conversation with your customer, your digital employee will maximize the potential of every sales transaction.

Minimize Drop-Outs

Nothing is more frustrating than not understanding why someone didn’t purchase. A Teneo Digital Employee not only ensures that the shopping process is as smooth as possible helping to minimize drop-outs, it can also tell you exactly why someone abandoned their cart. In depth analytics of conversations allows you to understand what your customers are looking for, how to improve information provided and other business insights such as product purchasing trends.

Digital Employee for Social Media

Add NLI Intelligence to Your Social Strategy

A Teneo Digital Employee can help organizations overcome the challenge of responding to vast numbers of social feeds in an intelligent, informed manner. Using our patented NLI technology your digital employee can understand the sentiment and context behind the comment and respond appropriately, for example – providing a personalized reply, a link to a website or a telephone number.

Digital Employees for Social Media

Digital Employees for Cross Channel

Digital Employee for Cross Channel

Easily Manage Multiple Inputs over Disparate Channels

Available in 35 languages, running on any device, regardless of operating system, your Teneo Digital Employee lets your customers interact with you over whichever channel they chose using their preferred input method be speech, text or gesture. Customers can even switch devices mid-conversation and your digital employee will just pick-up where they last left-off.

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