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Making AI Work for Your Business

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is fast becoming a business-critical factor for enterprises. It strengthens faltering customer relationships through closer engagement and realises revenue opportunities that might otherwise have been missed. However, many companies are still struggling to fit AI into their business.

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Why not let AI manage the England football team?

I mean seriously, why not? Following the fallout from England’s dismal display in Euro 2016 the press is in a frenzy about who should get the job. However, does a national team really need a flesh and blood manager? The FA were apparently paying £3.5million a year for the selection prowess and tactical masterclass of […]


5 Ways Teneo Ignites Your AI Strategy

The secret to a good AI strategy is to focus on the larger picture, not just the single artefact that may be driving the initial project. By considering how you can maximise the use of intelligent conversational applications throughout the business, both externally and internally, enterprises can not only capitalise on their technology investment, but […]

The enterprise of the 21st century

The enterprise of the 21st century

Many enterprises don’t see natural language technology as critical, but within a very short timeframe it will be. Today, there are no successful, modern, large scale enterprises that do not have a website, yet as recently as twenty-five years ago, none of them did. If you spoke to the CIO back then, the chances are […]

True conversations are critical to AI success

True conversations are critical to AI success

One of the leading analysts in the field of consumer technology, Tim Bajarin, commented recently in PC Magazine about the increased activity in the AI sector. He believes that it is now only as human machine interaction has evolved to be more conversational and less command driven does this enable it to become the interface […]


Artificial Solutions Wins Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation at The AIconics

Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that it has won Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation at The AIconics, an independently judged awards celebrating innovation within the international Artificial Intelligence community. Winners of The AIconics, part of the AI Summit, are decided […]


So a chatbot f*!x#@-up

It will come as no surprise that virtual assistants have to put up with a lot of abuse. There is something about knowing that you’re talking to a machine that brings out the stupidity in the best of us. Or in the case of Tay, an opportunity to corrupt the system and persuade Tay to […]

The Economist looks at the future of bots

The Economist looks at the future of bots

Just a couple of months ago we discussed how Chat was staged for a comeback, and apparently we’re not the only people that see the value in bots. With Facebook expected to make a major announcement next week, this latest article from the Economist asks are bots the new apps? Read the article at The Economist’s […]

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