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About Us

Artificial Solutions is the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI). Our patented technology enables people to hold meaningful, two-way conversations with applications and services running on mobile technology, computers and other connected consumer devices, such as smart TVs, satnavs and home entertainment systems in a humanlike, intelligent and capable manner.

Our solutions are revolutionizing the way people communicate with connected technology and are already used by millions of people every year.

Called Teneo, our NLI technology is device, platform and language independent, allowing people to interact with any connected device simply using their own words. It learns, reasons and understands; and then applies this knowledge to real user interactions such as controlling on onboard features within a device, resolving queries, answering questions or providing links to information and external resources.

Quite simply, Teneo is what Makes Technology Think!


Who are we?

Established in 2001, Artificial Solutions has development centers in Stockholm, Hamburg, Barcelona and London, offices across Europe and an international network of partners that ensures our customers benefit from a truly international infrastructure.  As a leading expert in natural language processing (NLP) and interaction (NLI), Artificial Solutions has significant expertise in both computation linguistics and natural language processing.


2001Artificial Solutions is founded in Stockholm, Sweden specializing in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The first major client is signed by the company
2002Artificial Solutions engages in a partnership with Teleca. The Barcelona office opens to serve additional clients in Sweden and Spain with a mix of customer service and marketing projects.
2003 Artificial Solutions engages in a partnership with NTR, as a reseller of their technical support solutions. Our first project in the UK with a major international home furnishing company is launched.

The focus on customer service and initial development of the Customer Service Optimization concept starts, as well as the development of a central Knowledge Management system.

2004Strong growth in Scandinavia and Spain. Artificial Solutions achieves the international expansion of the major international home furnishing company project. Initial development of the eMail Management System (now called Teneo Easy Reply) and integration of automatic and manual chat.
2005Launch of the Citizen Assistant solution, allowing municipalities access to a Virtual Assistant at a lower cost. Opening of Paris office. The company focuses on the development of additional languages.
2006Artificial Solutions acquires Kiwilogic, adding a new office in Hamburg, Germany. A new office is also opened in Madrid. Artificial Solutions is now offering Customer Service Optimization in all service channels, including phone.
2007The company focuses on international expansion and product development, while new offices are opened in London, Copenhagen and Milan. The Swedish market grows to represent 20% of Artificial Solutions’ business and the company now has clients in 21 countries. Artificial Solutions is selected as one of Europe’s most promising fast growing companies by Europe’s 500, Business Week and IESE/Insead.
2008Artificial Solutions keeps the focus on building a strong organization and improving processes to have a solid platform for future aggressive growth. The private equity firm Scope enters as our first external financial partner.
2009The company continues to expand its customer base, building particular expertise in finance & banking, leisure & transport, retail, utilities, telco and the public sector. It now counts some of the world’s most complex web customer service projects including the implementation across 30 countries and in 21 different languages of a virtual assistant and online customer interaction suite for a global retailer.
2010Artificial Solutions strengthens its management team with a new CEO and members of the senior management team as it embarks on the next stage of its growth. The company further strengthens its technology focus building on its position as a leader in the provision of natural language interaction (NLI) technology that enables intelligent conversations between people and computers to be held in 21 different languages.
2011Artificial Solutions rebrands its natural language interaction suite under the Teneo brand and strengthens its position as a leading provider of intelligent, speech-enabled virtual and personal assistants to the mobile and connected consumer device sector following successful projects with several major handheld and consumer electronics manufacturers. To support the company’s rapid growth, further European offices are opened and the company expands into South America with the opening of an office in Rio de Janeiro and AsiaPac including new offices in Japan.
TodayArtificial Solutions is the leading provider of natural language interaction and counts more than 200 successful projects in the public and private sector across 30 countries and 21 languages. With a 10 year history, Artificial Solutions is an established company with a proven, patented NLI technology that addresses two core markets;

  • Speech-enabled natural language solutions for mobile & consumer device manufacturers seeking product differentiation
  • Intelligent virtual assistants for enterprises looking to improve customer service, reduce costs, enhance sales and differentiate through innovation

Making Technology Think

Uniquely, Teneo has been designed to allow non-technical, non-linguists to build intelligent, human-like and capable mobile personal assistants and online virtual assistants that run across multiple platforms. This significantly reduces time to market, delivers a faster return on investment and puts you in control of building and updating your virtual assistants.

Additionally, the native natural language understanding delivered through Teneo’s analytics tools provides unprecedented insight into customer attitudes, requirements and behavior by tracking and analyzing customer conversations.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is simple; it is to Make Technology Think.

We do this using Natural Language Interaction (NLI), our patented technology that allows people to interact with connected devices simply using their own words.

Our mission is to help our clients differentiate their business by delivering intelligent, speech-enabled natural language solutions that improve customer engagement and service, lower costs and increase sales.



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