Welcome to the Technical Zone a.k.a the TZone.

Here you will learn all about the Teneo Platform and its technical capabilities.

Conversational AI is the ability to automate Natural Language conversations with your customers. Uniquely, we have built a fully integrated platform called Teneo that is designed to allow non-specialist to rapidly build and deliver enterprise strength, conversational applications that help differentiate our clients and, by analysing enormous quantities of conversational data, deliver unprecedented levels of insight that reveal what customers are truly thinking.

Introduction to Teneo Studio

A compilation on how to use the Teneo Platform from start to finish. The topics covered are:

  • Creating conversations flow
  • Adding advanced conversational capabilities
  • Using Machine Learning to train the solution
  • Interpreting and understanding conversational data
  • Multi-channel deployment of Teneo applications

Using Teneo to build and manage your NLI applications

Tools in the Teneo Toolbox

Already familiar with building conversational flows? Check out some other cool capabilities the Teneo Platform offers that other platforms might not:

Alternative Answers

Scripted Context