Personalized AI-powered support for employees worldwide.

Boost morale and employee satisfaction by allowing your
at-home workforce to get the answers to their HR and IT
queries 24/7.

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Here to Help

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Tiva is a business-focused, artificially intelligent virtual assistant that allows public and private sector organizations to rapidly deploy much needed automated HR and IT support to employees currently working remotely.

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COVID19 Pandemic Crisis

The Way We Live and Work Has Changed Forever

COVID19 has forced businesses to adopt a global work from home strategy almost overnight, and HR and IT departments are at risk of cracking under the pressure of supporting a vast number of employees across multiple time zones.

Tiva immediately reduces the load on overwhelmed HR and IT departments. It gives employees a flexible, easy-access channel with instant answers to many of the common questions they have around work during COVID19, tailored to your specific company policies and integrated with your back-end systems.

Tiva can give personalized and accurate answers to each individual, while freeing up Operations teams to focus on more complex tasks and other business-critical projects.

Business Benefits

Let Tiva Help You Help Your Staff

  • No data, no problem! Tiva is pre-loaded with a wide range of knowledge to help employees right away
  • Relieves pressure on support desks 24/7/365 from day one
  • Useful now and in the future: Easy to scale to cover more languages and domains.
  • No need to repeat information: it is aware of context and able to remember details from previous conversations
  • Flexible hosting options depending on the client’s requirements
  • Uses intelligent escalation triggered by keywords, sentiment or specific questions, to handover the conversation to a human.
  • Connects with employees using their preferred channel, language and some of their personal information to customize the conversation.
  • Proactively informs employees of news and updates
  • Allows for easy customization of pre-scripted answers
  • and much more!

Features & Functionality

Built for the Enterprise with Our Powerful Teneo Platform

  • Multi-lingual: able to detect the user’s language, Tiva is available in English, Swedish, Spanish and German as a start but easy to roll into any of our 36 languages
  • Dynamic Knowledge: dynamically retrieve FAQ answers from specified website (such as WHO)
  • User identification and personal information: connects to business systems to gather data about the employee and uses it to personalize the conversation
  • Omnichannel: available through webchat (website/intranet), SMS, Microsoft Teams, Email and IVR. Additional channels can be added as per the client’s request
  • Help Menu: prioritizes and displays the top 4 topics at the initial greeting
  • Pre-loaded Knowledge: comes with over 200 hundred intents that cover HR & IT Support topics
  • Context Awareness & Memory
  • Knowledge Helper: it dynamically retrieves answers and knowledge elements from a spreadsheet, allowing for super rapid building / addition of knowledge
  • plus all the standard features of any solution build with our Teneo Platform (link to platform page).

Learn how your business can have TIVA helping your staff within days.