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End to end CX services that we wrap around our technology – our goal is to be a true partner that supports you on your Conversational AI journey.

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Teneo Connectors

Teneo Connectors allows you to expand your chatbot’s horizons by harnessing the power of back-office technology to deliver even greater intelligence and capabilities. Integrate your solution with business systems and communication platforms, reach users on any channel, deliver more personalized answers based on behind the scenes processes, and execute tasks on customers’ behalf.

Teneo Connectors help you further improve customer satisfaction and increase your RoI by leveraging existing technology investments, while taking your chatbot to the next level.

Teneo University

Ready to start learning how to build top sophisticated Conversational AI solutions?

Teneo University offers a wide range of advanced technical courses especially designed for non-linguist business users and developers that want to take ownership of their CAI solutions by developing and maintaining them.

The education program has been developed by our trainer with the support of  our professional services team who work building amazing solutions for our international enterprise customers.  Users will have the option to take each course remotely on their own, remotely with the support of a trainer or request classroom training.

Teneo Developers

Looking to try before you buy?

To demonstrate our strength as the only true enterprise AI platform provider, enterprise developers and partners can request exclusive access to Teneo Developers and experience how to build real working solutions to prove business cases and understand how enterprise Conversational AI should be done.

Visit our Teneo Developer Portal and sign up to get a 90-day free trial with your own developer sandbox of Teneo containing all the tools needed to build, deploy and analyze advanced conversational AI solutions.


Teneo is packed with a set of technical features that allow developers and business users to create highly intelligent conversational AI applications in record time.

We’ve built a portfolio of services designed to help you get the most out of your Conversational AI solution.

We appreciate that every client is different and therefore offer a range of service options that fall into three main categories: fully managed service, client’s in-house development, or a hybrid model.

Whilst every project is different and we are happy to tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, our clients usually take one or more of these services: implementation methodology, project management, graphic design, hosting and training.

Teneo enables your customers to have continuous interactions and dialogs with your Conversational AI applications while we make sure that our support team and systems are robust and reliable to give you maximum availability.

Our support team provides a single point of contact to customers and partners, for product-related issues and questions with appropriate SLAs. The DevOps team explores new technologies, participates in new developments, improves technical architectures and also maintains our development environments. The Hosting Team designs, builds and maintains the hosted environments in the Cloud.

Want more information about how Conversational AI has transformed customer support for our clients?

Conversational AI is industry-agnostic and can be applied in any organization that needs to offer an intelligent conversational interface to a large volume of users.

Visit our Resources section to access a grand repository of marketing material that will allow you to learn more about Conversational AI and how it can help your future proof your business today. Datasheets, technical documentation, case studies, videos, whitepapers, and much more.

Artificial Solutions engages in partnerships and strategic alliances with the top consultancy and technology companies around the world to guarantee that our clients get innovation, expertise and the best return for their investment.

Through our Teneo Partnership Program, our partners can add Teneo to their own product portfolio and offer their customers the most humanlike, intelligent and capable conversational applications. We are always looking to grow our partner network with innovative and visionary businesses that can expand the potential of our technology.

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