The Ultimate Conversational AI Experience.

Teneo Fusion delivers the platform CIOs need to take control of the conversational AI landscape within the enterprise and deliver greater value through increased customer satisfaction and scalability of applications.

Teneo Fusion delivers all this, and more, in 35 languages, on any channel, across multiple use cases.

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Teneo Developers

Build. Deploy. Analyze.


Introducing Teneo Developers, a new comprehensive resource to allow enterprise developers and partners fast access to experience the power of Teneo.

Teneo Fusion allows enterprises to reconnect with their customers on an extremely personalised level using advanced conversational AI technology. It combines a powerful mix of new technology developments including Teneo Learn and Teneo Predict.

Combined, they deliver increased “out of the box” conversational understanding and fully automated self-learning to optimize the system, while lowering maintenance costs and providing greater control over dialogue management.

Teneo Learn

A unique approach to machine learnt natural language conversations that gives users the ability to automatically build powerful new learning models.

Teneo Predict

Evaluates and scores real life inputs to constantly improve the whole Teneo solution.

Enterprise Platform

Teneo is the only platform specifically designed for enterprise use.


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Leverage Data

Leverage contextual conversational data to achieve a competitive edge with Teneo.


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Hybrid Approach

Teneo uses linguistic and machine learning techniques for optimal performance.


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Teneo has been proven through a range of clients and a strong global partner network.





Top 3 Must Haves for Conversational AI

Teneo Fusion delivers the three key benefits that CIOs need to gain a competitive advantage from conversational AI.


Top of the list is a personalized, intuitive interaction that engages customers with humanlike understanding and intelligent capability to carry out complex tasks. Teneo Fusion understands the user’s intent, no matter how complex the sentence. It can ask questions to remove ambiguity or to discover more about the user. It has a memory and can reuse key pieces of information for contextual and personalization purposes. It can even bring the conversation back on track, when the user asks off topic questions.

Clear Measures of CX

The next benefit is the means for CIOs to demonstrate to interested stakeholders the business value. Enterprises need to be able to give clear customer experience measurements, whether that’s a 400% increase on online conversions, a 40% reduction inbound calls or 98% customer satisfaction rating. All real statistics that Teneo Fusion is delivering to global businesses today.

‘Voice of the Customer’ Analysis

Finally, enterprises need to be able to collect and analyze accurate, real time feedback, while complying with privacy regulation, to reveal individual Voice of the Customer data across thousands or millions of voices that opens a whole new channel of reliable, actionable insight for business, process and CX improvement.

Teneo Developers

Try Before You Buy.

Build. Deploy. Analyze.

To demonstrate our strength as the only true enterprise AI platform provider, we are launching Teneo Developers – a resource to allow enterprise developers and partners exclusive access to experience the power of Teneo - to build real working solutions to prove business cases and understand how enterprise Conversational AI should be done.
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Rapidly build conversational solutions

The Teneo Platform is not an artefact – it is a development and analytics platform that allows non-computational specialists to rapidly build a wide range of sophisticated conversational solutions.


Advanced capabilities

Deliver the world’s most intelligent, humanlike and capable conversational solutions. Features include:

  • Highly performant
  • Contextual understanding
  • Implicit personalization
  • Memory
  • Conversational persistence
  • Rich custom reporting and analysis
  • …and much more


You own the data

Teneo collects both the structured and unstructured data associated with free-format dialogs, using highly scalable and robust big data techniques.


Unique insight

Purpose-built conversational analytics tools gather unprecedented insight and clarity into what your users are saying and thinking.


Conversational data differentiation

Utilize conversational AI data to:

  • Deliver unprecedented levels of customer insight
  • Optimize the conversational capabilities of your Teneo solutions
  • Monitor and measure KPIs and other performance metrics
  • Deliver closed loop feedback for automated implicit personalization
Here developers will discover that Teneo’s native hybrid approach that is integral to the platform has been expanded to increase the capabilities of machine learning out of the box. Using a variety of technologies, language resources and advanced multi-layered understanding within the platform, Teneo Fusion can predict what the user is asking automatically. This removes the need to build the complex models that other development tools rely upon to understand the difference between simple concepts such as booking a flight and reading a book on a flight.
In addition, developers can test out Teneo Fusion’s unique functionality that fully automates the optimization of conversational AI applications, while still giving control over guiding the system from a single unified interface. This ensures the chatbot can be trained to go beyond the typical 85% understanding mark of competitor products to deliver near perfect results every time.