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The Power of Teneo and Microsoft Azure

The most advanced conversational AI technology for your enterprise – deeply integrated with Azure cognitive, communication, and analytics services.

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One-size-fits-all approaches, designed for any cloud-based ecosystem, lack the scalability and deep integration needed for a fully optimized experience.

The result is functionality gaps that create a disjointed process for your developers and missing links in your conversational customer experience.

From computing to cognitive, Teneo is hardwired into Azure’s suite of digital contact center services – bringing you the most comprehensive and complete conversational AI solutions.

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Telefónica leveraged Teneo and Microsoft Azure to deploy conversational customer experiences that set new industry standards

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Telefónica has radically improved customer engagement and seen a 5% increase in IVR resolution rate by supporting customers with an omnichannel solution – built with Teneo.
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Microsoft Azure Partner

“Artificial Solutions SaaS platform built on Azure supports complex enterprise scenarios in need of conversational AI.

Focusing on enterprise needs and end-user experience as a north star, while delivering ROI embodies the positive impact AI can have in the digital transformation journey that customers have embarked on.

Their advocacy for Azure and global growth ambitions make them the ISV-partner of the year in Sweden.”

Director Global Partner Solutions and Innovations of Microsoft

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