Teneo Connectors for Blue Prism

More Precise. More Capable.
More Intelligent.

Seamlessly integrate conversational AI applications into RPAs to increase chatbot intelligence and capability

Conversational AI chatbot channel connectors

The Teneo Advantage

The revolutionary approach to building conversational interfaces that Teneo takes allows developers to create in days that which can take months in competitive products. Teneo achieves this by simplifying the complexity in building natural language applications.

It uses intelligent automation to remove the need for specialist skills such as computational linguists, and then enables applications to be easily maintained in real time by business user.

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Seamless Integration

Conversational AI applications shouldn’t just be something that are built and then forgotten. A tick in the box next to the word chatbot. To optimize ROI, capitalize on emerging channels or expand into new geographies, conversational ai applications need to be adaptable to tomorrow’s needs. By building on the Teneo platform it’s possible to build an application once and deploy it in multiple languages, across multiple platforms and channels and still reuse most of the original build. With Teneo typically around 80% of the original build can be reused.

In addition, conversational AI can be used extend the robotic process automation (RPA) proposition, allowing for RPA and other AI assets to be integrated into conversational applications to deliver zero intervention solutions for high volume processes.

Blue Prism Teneo connectors

Teneo Connector For Blue Prism

Teneo Connectors are pre-built integrations that enable seamless communication between a Teneo Conversational AI application and Blue Prism robotic processes to deliver more personalized answers and execute tasks on behalf of customers.

The Teneo Connector allows for easy integration into Blue Prism’s RPAs. Teneo collates all the information required before calling Blue Prism to run the process. Teneo uses pro-activity to check progress as appropriate and notifies the users when it is complete. In cases where processes may take longer than the initial user interaction, Teneo can notify the user when they next interact or offer some other method of communication such as email.