We are excited to share with you the first version of our RFI Database tool. This document is a collection of questions and answers about our company, technology and products, that we have gathered from different RFI questionnaires our sales team has answered in the past. We believe that it will be very useful for your teams to not only tend to RFI requests but also as a learning tool about Teneo and Artificial Solutions. This is a live document so a new version of it will be uploaded at the end of each month to ensure that the information on it remains up to date.

The document is stored under the Sales section of the partner portal: https://www.partners.artificial-solutions.com/sales/. To access the document, just scroll down the page and you will find in under the tab “Sales Documentation”. Click on the link to download.

To make it easier to find answers inside the RFI Database, we’ve divided the information into different sections under the following structure:

  • About the company (Commercial Information)
    • General Company Information
    • General Product Information
  • About the Platform (Technical Information)
    • Authentication
    • Data Hosting and Encryption
    • Session Management
    • Logging & Forensic Capability
    • Input & File Validation
    • Controls for Mobile Version
    • Information Security Governance
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Personnel Security
    • System Development
    • Endpoint Security
    • Network Security
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Administrative Access Controls
    • Incident Response
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Physical Security
    • Business Continuity and DR
    • Asset Management
    • Sensitive Media Sanitisation
    • Electronic Discovery
    • Change and Config Management
    • SP Reputation

If you have any questions or need any further information regarding this document, please contact your account manager.