Conversational AI - The CIO's Route to Success

Conversational AI is a high-growth market, with huge gains in data intelligence and CX on offer. Several key trends are shaping the way enterprises should be deploying it. Read on to discover how enterprise CIOs are taking control of the conversational AI landscape; how they are using the data generated to improve the business; and who the other stakeholders in delivering AI strategies really are.

The Rise of the Conversational Assistant

This white paper, using independently commissioned research, looks at the current use of voice assistants by consumers and considers the implications and likely changes in the near future.

How Conversational AI Increases Your Competitive Edge

This white paper discusses how a conversational AI platform can help improve customer engagement and deliver a vital competitive edge.

Key Challenges Facing Retailers in The Online World

This White Paper outlines the four major challenges facing online retailers looking to address customer service and support.

Conversational AI: the Intelligent Choice

This white paper reviews the art of the possible with conversational AI and reveals how tomorrow’s technology can be achieved today.

10 Things to Ask your Next Digital Employee

In this white paper we suggest some questions you need to ask when selecting your next digital employee.

The Future of Customer Engagement and the Role of the Intelligent Virtual Agent

This White Paper looks at how customer needs are evolving and how intelligent virtual agents can enable enterprises to meet customer service demands now and in the future.

Maximizing the Value of Conversational AI Alongside GDPR Compliance

While data regulation may be tightening, it is still possible for enterprises using Teneo to derive significant value and benefits from conversational AI, even when complying with the most stringent of data protection legislation.

Ten ways that Teneo Studio Accelerates Bot-Building

AI is an evocative term. But the days when it conjured up images of arcane academic research or even science fiction are gone. Today AI means business. And that requires a streamlined, robust, and cost-effective process for building intelligent, conversational digital employees.

Conversational Data – Revolutionizing the Information Age

This white paper shows how Teneo can help businesses exploit data through the implementation of enterprise-focused, conversational AI solutions, while crucially still retaining full ownership and control over it.

Conversation The New Art of Business Survival

This white paper explores why two-way communication is the vital element in relationships; and how businesses must establish contact and then carefully nurture it in order to thrive and drive long term engagement with their customers.

The Impact of Conversational AI on Connected Consumer Goods and the Internet of Things

This white paper reviews the art of the possible with conversational AI and reveals how tomorrow’s technology can be achieved today.

Taking a Hybrid Approach to Conversational Commerce

Avoiding the “False Choice” Between Linguistic Models and Machine Learning. The backbone of Artificial Solutions’ Teneo platform is a linguistic-based algorithm with the key ability to embed and operate in tandem with machine learning algorithms.

Der Siegeszug Der Sprachassistenten

Die Stimme ist als Interface für die digitale Welt nicht mehr aufzuhalten. Unternehmen sollten diese wichtige Schnittstelle einführen, um ihren Kunden die Möglichkeiten zu bieten, die sie in den nächsten 18 Monate erwarten. Dieses Whitepaper nutzt die Ergebnisse einer unabhängigen Befragung und untersucht, wie Konsumenten derzeit Sprachsteuerung nutzen und welche Folgen und potentiellen Veränderungen sich daraus für die nahe Zukunft ergeben.