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Create an NLI experience that goes beyond simple speech commands to one that allows your customer to hold intelligent natural language conversations with a whole range of connected devices. With NLI your customers can request the same action in hundreds of different ways making the whole customer experience intuitive and helping differentiate your business.


The smartphone has revolutionized the way we think about computers. In fact, we don’t think about them at all. We expect the phone in our pocket to do many things, providing us with access to a whole range of tools to improve our lifestyle and our performance at work.
The downside for business is a loss of physical interaction that is so important for building up customer experience, loyalty and sales. Teneo puts you back in touch with you customer by providing a unique experience for your customers and you with an unprecedented level of to unfiltered, customer generated data.
Whilst voice recognition technology is changing how we input our requests with devices and software, it is NLI that gives devices the brains. NLI picks up the deficit in speech recognition by utilizing powerful linguistic libraries and applying advanced reasoning rules, including context and dialogue history, to add intelligence to a conversation.

Lyra is the sophisticated, conversational mobile Personal Assistant built by Artificial Solutions. Lyra is available on multiple platforms, and has the unique ability to seamlessly continue conversations with the user across these platforms – maintaining the memory of previous conversations, the context of the current interaction and handling the transitions from one channel to another as effortlessly as a human would.

Natural Language built with Teneo

Lyra exposes the power of Teneo’s Natural Language capability to enterprise organizations, using the fully featured Teneo development and analytics platform. Teneo is a full lifecycle enterprise strength platform, incorporating tools to:

  • Help explore available data to scope and build with advanced text mining through Teneo Discovery
  • Build solutions with Teneo Studio, then deploy them with Teneo Interaction Engine
  • Monitor and improve with Teneo Inquire, our Big Data conversational analytics package

All these tools are made available to enterprise customers to enable them to build their own applications, specific and tailored to their company and precise industry use case.

The Future of Customer Engagement and the Role of the Intelligent Virtual Agent



Natural Language Solutions


Teneo transforms the online user experience from a conventional one way channel to an intelligent conversation


Teneo enriches management of smart home devices by letting users control them with everyday language and phrases


Transform the connected car experience from the mundane to the exceptional with natural language applications and services

Digital Employee for Social Media 

AI for Customer Engagement

Artificial intelligence is transforming traditional customer engagement models. Intelligent virtual agents, chatbots, apps and more are being used across enterprises to streamline and improve services. Whether they are working on a service helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, their contribution is already being seen as critical to a successful workforce.

Digital Employees


Teneo gives mobile apps an NLI brain to make the user experience realistic, humanlike and conversational


In a world where any device can be smart, Teneo provides your customers with highly intuitive, humanlike speech-enabled interfaces


Make wearables more intelligent and understanding with a natural language interface that extends beyond simple voice or gesture commands