iot solutions 

Solutions for the Internet of Things

In a future where any device connects to the Internet, Teneo provides your customers with highly intuitive, humanlike speech-enabled interfaces for a great user experience.


Artificial Solutions envisages a world in the very near future in which the IoT has devices tiered into three groups; personal ‘master’ devices such as smartphones and wearables, shared devices in a private eco-system such as TVs, house management, automotive and “open domain” devices such as speed sensors on public highways.

The ‘master’ gateway devices will be highly personalized, predictive and intelligent and used to control and manage the other two tiers. They will therefore require highly intuitive, humanlike speech-enabled interfaces that are able to persist conversations over a number of devices, have memory, contextual understanding and be able to reason and react to inputs in an intelligent manner.


Teneo Network of Knowledge

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Network of Knowledge is a patented intelligent framework that delivers these NLI applications, typically as specialist virtual assistants with the knowledge for every occasion. Seamlessly accessed using intelligent routing based on implicit personalization, this eco-system of virtual assistants ‘snaps’ together to create larger applications.

The Future of Customer Engagement and the Role of the Intelligent Virtual Agent


Digital Employee

A digital employee, whether working on the helpdesk, assisting sales in reaching their targets or providing detailed insight to product marketing, is critical to a successful workforce.


Smart Home

Teneo transforms the way your customers control and interact with their home devices using everyday natural language and phrases.


Connected Cars

Our NLI technology gives you the platform to build apps that can transform the in-car experience from the mundane to the exceptional.



Whilst voice recognition technology is changing how we input our requests, it is NLI that gives devices the brains.


Wearable Devices

Wearable technology needs more than just a simple interface such as voice or gesture for users to embrace it; It needs understanding of the person using it too.