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With 86 languages to choose from and technology that drives the largest Conversational AI deployment on the market, Teneo is the SaaS platform for creating unforgettable conversations.

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Why Teneo?

Language Support & NLP

Design understanding with precision in 86 languages. Combine the speed and comprehension of machine learning with the precision of our patented Linguistic Modelling Language (LML).

Conversational Design

Graphically prototype, build, or modify conversational flows. Our canvas allows for both readability and the details and degrees of freedom required in more ambitious bot projects.

Integration Management

Make your bot take actions! Powerful integration management toolset allows you to build, import, reuse, and share the front- and back-end connections for your bot.

Bot Performance & Analytics

Provide your team real time insights on bot performance and leverage all the power of conversational data.

Teamwork & Scalability

Collaboration features to accommodate multi-disciplinary teams working across different languages, channels, and brands but with a shared goal in mind.

Test & Release

Supporting your testing and release procedures, and give your team full control over the development, testing, acceptance and production (DTAP) process.

Privacy and Security

We take compliance and security seriously to be able to offer SaaS to some of the most demanding markets in the world, including US, UK, and EU.

Microsoft ecosystem

Teneo works well with the Microsoft ecosystem. LUIS^Teneo allows you to combine the NLU-power of Microsoft LUIS with the conversational power of Teneo.

Get started with Teneo in 3 steps...

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    Build your conversational solution

    Using Teneo Studio you rapidly build your bot's conversational logic using drag and drop of flow elements, while at the same time allowing the use of code to deliver the desired user experience.

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    Publish your bot on multiple channels

    Make your solution available for the world. You can provide it as a widget on your website or make it available on channels like WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or IVR. Whatever suits your needs.

    Deploy your bot
  • 3

    Analyze the conversational data

    The users of your bot generate conversational data that is a helpful source of information for improvement and at the same time can provide valuable business insights.

    Analyze the conversational data

Resources for Developers


From usage to configuration of all the Teneo Platform components, get all the documentation you need to start building.

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Discover different tutorials to help you get started and on your way to building your first solution in record time!

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Conversational AI is a team sport and we are here to help (and so is our whole community of developers). Join our forum and ask away!

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What developers are saying about working with Teneo...

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Developed in just a few months using Teneo, Laura is enabling Škoda to build a closer relationship with our customers and has already resulted in a significant increase in website conversion rates.
Škoda Web Developer
We chose Artificial Solutions because they had the right blend of technical and development expertise and platform capabilities to support the delivery of Vodafone’s business objectives.
Vodafone Executive Director

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