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Tell us a bit about you

I’m originally from Stockholm, but have been living in Barcelona for nearly 9 years now. I’ve studied university courses related to IT as well as other courses relating to customer support such as IT Service Management and service excellence.

What do you do in your role?

As part of the Product Support Team, I help our customers with any questions or issues they may have when they are using the Teneo Platform: from the initial set up, maintaining the product, executing upgrades and updates, and much more. In addition to this, my team and I also get involved with Internal IT support when required, proactively try to prevent incidents and provide users with the information and documents they need from the IT department.

What attracted you to Artificial Solutions?

I first came to Artificial Solutions for an internship. At the time, I was studying development of e-services and Artificial Solutions seemed interesting both for their products as well as their international profile. A couple of years later, an ex-colleague sent me a message asking me if I was interested in rejoining the company and applying for new vacancy they had inside the Product Support Team. Having already had a taste of being part of the Artificial Solutions’ team from my internship, it was an easy choice to leave my previous job and rejoin the team.

What’s great about working here?

Artificial Solutions’ employees are really passionate people which makes the atmosphere a real joy to be part of. I feel this environment pushes me to get out of my comfort zone helping me to grow as a person. Furthermore, we enjoy a very flexible workplace where I know that if I need to stay an extra hour at the office to resolve a big incident, there will be no problem if I need to leave earlier some other day to run a personal errand. Apart from that, we have a fruit basket delivered every morning and “cookie o’clock” in the afternoon that allow employees from different departments to have a short break from their day to meet up and discuss professional as well as personal topics.

What is your favorite thing about your team?

My team consists of fun and very driven people who enable me to give the outstanding level of customer care and support that our customers deserve. When we run into an issue, or get stuck on something I know I can always count on my colleagues to come up with different solutions- some more traditional than others!

What are the skills that you think someone needs to be successful at Artificial Solutions?

In general, to work at Artificial Solutions you need to be open minded and eager to learn and share your knowledge. Inside the Product Support team, you will need willingness to resolve incidents, a never give up attitude, to be organized and good at handling stress, and good portion of humor which always helps.

What do you think about our products and technology?

The Teneo platform is a great tool to build applications that use natural language. Creating virtual assistants is a lot more fun with Teneo than writing questions and answers in a typical FAQ system. With Teneo, you can do much more than just writing questions and answers; it gives you the ability to create your personal favorite digital employee with the personality you prefer.

Where do you see the future of Natural Language Technology going?

To be honest, 10 years ago I didn’t believe much in NLI. Back then, I was trying to get the digital telephone employee of the public transport system in Stockholm to tell me when the next train for Stockholm Central would pass and got an answer for a train with a completely different destination. I thought NLI would only be successfully integrated with systems where you can type your input but those never became popular because talking will always be faster. Who wants to take the time to type in “Switch on washing machine at 60 degrees” when you can just take the same time to do it yourself. However, nowadays NLI is a lot more advanced and the applications work so much better that I think the technology will be applied to just about any system in the future!