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The Future of Automotive Retail: Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Consumer habits are changing and so too is their behavior when it comes to buying cars. The question is no longer if an automotive company should deploy Conversational AI, but how. This white paper will offer some examples of how Conversational AI can help transform how companies in the industry interact with clients.

A Changing Landscape in Automotive Retail and New Customer Requests

Digital natives are entering and altering the car-buying market. Influenced by the online experiences delivered by companies like Amazon, this tech-savvy generation is at the forefront of new demands and expectations that are also rubbing off on older generations.

Conventional automotive companies will have to follow suit and change the way they sell. Consumer habits are changing and so too is their behavior when it comes to buying cars. With this, digital disruption has finally come knocking on the automotive retail sector’s door, and companies must deploy radical changes to stay ahead in the market. New technologies are redefining business models, and Artificial Intelligence is playing a central role.

Digital technologies like Conversational AI have delivered palpable benefits to enterprises like boosting revenue, reducing lead generation costs, and providing high-quality omnichannel customer service to meet the expectations of the digitally-native market.

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  • How has COVID-19 further shaken customer habits in the automotive scene
  • How can companies combine digital and physical retail in a seamless experience
  • How to ensure end-to-end customer engagement
  • What steps to follow to deploy an omnichannel digital strategies in the automotive industry
  • and more!
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