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Taking a Hybrid Approach to Conversational Commerce

In this report, Opus Research discusses how machine learning alone is not enough, and how Artificial Solutions’ patented, hybrid approach, that combines both linguistic models and machine learning, is revolutionizing the conversational commerce AI market.

Avoiding the “False Choice” Between Linguistic and Machine Learning

The hype surrounding Deep Neural Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics has led many decision makers to believe that Machine Learning, alone, can recognize intent and provide proper responses without human supervision. Real-world experience emphatically shows otherwise.

Artificial Solutions’ patented, hybrid approach is flexible and allows enterprise personnel to use linguistic tools to train an intelligent assistant – even without data – then use inputs of data from multiple sources as context to optimize the IA’s ability.

Download the report to learn about:

  • Limitations of Machine Learning and Linguistic Models
  • What are the benefits of the Teneo Hybrid Approach and how does it work
  • How to measure the success of an Intelligent Assistant from now on
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