Conversational Data White Paper

Conversational Data – Revolutionizing the Information Age

This white paper shows how Teneo can help businesses exploit data through the implementation of enterprise-focused, conversational AI solutions, while crucially still retaining full ownership and control over it.

information age

Data is Knowledge. Knowledge is Power.

Data has become to the Information Age what the steam engine was to the Industrial Revolution; it is defining how products are made and how we solve problems, just as mechanization did in the past. And real life, “voice of the customer”, conversational data is, without doubt, the most valuable kind.

People reveal vast amounts of information in conversations and business can learn a huge amount by engaging with customers using conversational AI. This information can then be used within the conversation to increase engagement; to train and maintain the conversational AI interface; and deliver actionable business data back to the enterprise.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • How to derive significant value and benefits from conversational data
  • Why it’s vital for your business to own and have full access to the data generated by your conversational AI solution
  • What are the data security and privacy criteria to keep in mind when comparing vendors
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