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Conversational AI: The Intelligent Choice

The technologies required to create a realistic and usable, conversational user experience have matured to a point where they can be applied to any device, not just typically “online” ones. This white paper reviews the art of the possible with conversational AI and reveals how tomorrow’s technology can be achieved today.

The Tipping Point for Conversational AI Language Interfaces

Artificially intelligent conversational language is at a tipping point. Driven by widespread adoption of consumer-facing tools and services, users are expecting technology not just to hear them, but to understand them and react intelligently too.

While speech is a distinctive feature of these tools, it is how well they understand the complex sentences people use in day to day speech and, more importantly, how accurately they respond, that is important to their effectiveness.

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  • The current conversational AI marketplace
  • The main use cases enterprises are already implementing
  • The benefits of conversational language interfaces
  • What to consider before developing your own solution
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