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Conversational AI in Telecoms: Strengthening Connections and Engagement in Challenging Times

Learn how telecoms are investing in their future and are taking steps to stay ahead of their competitors by implementing sophisticated, conversational solutions.

Taking Steps to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Most companies have developed continuity plans during this crisis, but it has been difficult to fully address the fast-pace and unknown variables of a pandemic. Contingency plans don’t usually take into account widespread quarantines, extended travel restrictions and a general lack of access to people.

Telecoms are making changes to increase network resiliency and benefit customers who need networking services more than ever. Much has been said about the importance of digital transformation, and the telecommunications industry has been quick to recognize the capacity of artificial intelligence and innovation to take their services to the next level and improve customer journeys.

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  • Why telecoms are turning to AI to provide solutions beyond the current pandemic
  • Why conversational AI is key to increases the competitive edge
  • Main chatbot use cases in the Telecom sector
  • The importance of choosing a platform you can trust
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