White Paper

Beginner's Guide to Conversational AI

As companies no longer question the viability of using Conversational AI, they need to ask further questions to ensure that they deploy solutions that will keep them ahead of the curve.

This white paper will guide the beginner to commonly used phrases in Conversational AI.

Understanding the Scope of a Conversational AI RFP

Conversational AI may be the biggest enterprise buzzword in today’s new normal, but not all technologies are created equal.

A strong Conversational AI platform is top of most enterprise technology priority lists, and rightly so. But choosing the right platform is not as easy as it looks, with many hidden pitfalls to consider. Questions need to be asked and answered: Why are you deploying a Conversational AI solution? What issues are you hoping to resolve and what benefits do you expect? In such a competitive landscape, time is scarce, and projects must be ready to meet business and IT demands swiftly and efficiently.

Having seen and heard it all, we’ve put together a paper that will explain the key concepts you need to consider and the vital questions you need to ask of vendors pushing their shiny wares. We’ll decode the technical jargon and tell you what really matters – and what’s just marketing hype.

Download the white paper to understand what questions you really need to ask, including questions about:

  • Intent recognition
  • Integration capabilities
  • Data security and privacy
  • Cost of implementation
  • and more!
Download the White Paper

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