White Paper

The Impact of Conversational AI on Connected Consumer Goods and the Internet of Things

This white paper reviews the art of the possible with conversational AI and reveals how tomorrow’s technology can be achieved today.

Conversational AI and the Connected Consumer

The technologies required to create a realistic and usable, conversational user experience have matured to a point where they can be applied to any device, not just typically “online” ones. Domestic appliances, cars, video games and consoles, TVs and wearables can all be equipped with conversational capabilities which take any existing “intelligence” and enhance it to exciting new levels of interaction and personality.

In this white paper, we discuss the impact of conversational AI on connected consumer goods and the Internet of Things.

Download the white paper to learn about how conversational AI is transforming the way all manufacturers of household goods are looking at the future, including:

  • A tv that can answer you back
  • Making video games even more interactive
  • Home appliances that speak your language
  • And more…
Download the White Paper

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