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Conversational AI - The CIO's Route to Success

The conversational AI market is gathering speed every day. Can the modern CIO afford not to keep up? Read on to discover how enterprise CIOs are taking control of the conversational AI landscape; how they are using the data generated to improve the business; and who the other stakeholders in delivering AI strategies really are.

Ensuring Business Success with Conversational AI

Conversational AI is maturing more rapidly than other equivalent technology has in the past. Enterprise CIOs need to be prepared on a strategic level to deliver this immersive technology across the enterprise, or face being left behind by more nimble and responsive competitors.

To ensure success, businesses must implement conversational AI platform technologies that can handle specific enterprise requirements and enable them to build, maintain and manage today’s bots, VAs and digital assistants; capitalize on the ‘golden oil’ data source; and be ready to handle new AI assets and technology tomorrow.

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • How enterprises are already successfully deploying conversational AI
  • The essential criteria to consider before implementing it
  • How to maximize the value of conversational data
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