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Business Leader’s Playbook for high-volume calls in your Contact Centers


Business Leader’s Playbook for high-volume calls in your Contact Centers

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3 critical lessons for Conversational AI implementation in Contact Centers

As customer demands for immediate and effective support have risen, contact centers have expanded to support more communication channels than ever before. However, the past two years have exposed major inefficiencies in the technological architecture of many contact centers and employee experience is at an all-time low for the telco industry compared to other verticals that operate with contact centers.


Employee experience (EX) is becoming a major theme within the telecommunications industry, and it is more important than ever to retain highly skilled staff as shortages increase and even more pressure grows on staff. Intelligent IVR solutions can radically improve EX and support agents, and must be supported by the contact center of tomorrow if human agents are ever to be happy in their positions of employment.

employee satisfaction levels


Forrester Consulting conducted a study covering how end-to-end Customer Experience (CX) solutions break down silos and optimize data management.

“Great CX Cuts Cost And Drives Business Results” revealed the following insights:

CX impact


Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, specifically conversational AI, are a contact center game-changer.

Key findings on the need for Conversational AI

  • By 2025, the majority of contact centers believe they will use “intelligent routing” to enhance the customer experience.
  • But only 1 percent of contact centers believe their intelligence strategy is perfect. Most common issues include data scattered across disparate systems, lack of customer insights and the inability to personalize the experience.
  • Phone calls will remain a fixture of the contact center of 2022, but other options like bots, agent-assisted messaging, live chat and social media also will heavily factor into the experience.

Optimizing your Customer Experiences

Voice based bots are becoming increasingly important in optimizing a caller’s experience. But to be successful in CAI development, contact centers must keep in mind the following points.

1. Ensure speed of development of your solution

With an urgency to solve issues now, not in six months’ time, it’s important to look at how quickly you can develop an IVR. But speed of development shouldn’t be the only consideration. Not all development platforms are equal. A few days might give you a shiny new chatbot, but if all it provides is an animated FAQ, then save your money.

Time to market needs always to be tempered by the functionality of the final product. At the same time, some development platforms might look as if they fulfill the capability you require, but a closer look reveals long development cycles, a steep learning curve or vast amounts of curated data needed just to get proof of concept working. All of which will delay the implementation of the final application.

2. Guarantee ease of Contact Center experience development

Development time is influenced by the ease with which an application can be developed and maintained. Not too long ago, building Conversational AI was a lengthy and complex process, only undertaken by computational linguistic specialists and technical experts.

For some development tools that’s still the case. This introduces delays in waiting for highly specialized developers to carry out specific tasks and frequently adds significantly to the overall cost and ongoing maintenance of the conversational system.

The answer is a hybrid conversational AI development platform that delivers the balance between intelligent automation of complex processes in building the system and enabling trained developers and business users to work together to develop the functionality of the chatbot.

3. Start with a smaller project

Consider the end goal of what you want your solution to achieve, but start with a smaller project in order to see the results and measure the success before deciding on the next phase. Ideally, look for an area or topic that has a smaller initial audience while offering potentially high gains to the business.

This will provide you with an opportunity to monitor and assess each stage against predetermined success criteria and enable enhancements to be made quickly before expanding the application. But remember, in order to achieve the next phase and capitalize on your initial investment, you need a scalable platform.

How Conversational AI drives Contact Center transformation

Scale without Limits. Scale without Risk.

Teneo’s SaaS architecture provides native Deployment, Testing, and Development capabilities to align with your enterprise processes. With adaptive scaling and resource management, you will never miss another customer, no matter where in the world or whichever channel they prefer.

Speak your customer’s language.

Create multilingual solutions in less time and with less effort. Combining the power of machine learning with our proprietary linguistic modeling capabilities. Create accurate and precise solutions in one language, and scale them efficiently across other languages as your solution grows.

Connect with your Customers, Anywhere.

Teneo seamlessly integrates with the channels and platforms that operate throughout your contact center. Our clients’ largest implementations are voice, telephony and contact center-based but most of our clients have at least two or more channels where web or text are the second highest in volume.

Catch issues early, or better yet avoid them entirely.

Capture all the details of conversational data before, during, and after deployment. Teneo’s “No black box” paradigm allows you to gain real-time visibility into the performance of every conversation and full processing transparency of your solution and flow stack. Seamless integration with your business intelligence and analytics ecosystem

Protect your Data and Guarantee your Service

With enterprise-grade security, data backup & protection, and a service-level agreement of 99.9%, our SaaS solution gives you a highly scalable service without any security or resiliency compromises

Get the Expert Support you need to be most effective.

We know it is not just about technology. Leverage our 20+ years of experience in designing, building, and scaling conversational AI solutions. Our Customer Success team will be there to support you along the entire journey from idea to implementation and beyond.

Increase your Team’s Productivity.

Incredible customer experience development is a team effort. Teneo is a place where cross-functional teams come to collaborate, design, and develop world-leading conversations in record time through an intuitive Teneo Studio experience.


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