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Business Leader’s Playbook for high-volume calls in your Contact Centers


Business Leader’s Playbook for high-volume calls in your Contact Centers

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3 critical lessons for Conversational AI implementation

We set out to summarize how the next-generation of contact centers will operate, what technology will be used, and how operators plan to secure ROI on Conversational AI.

Our findings show that IVRs are an essential for optimizing a caller’s experience and driving efficiencies across a contact center. But to be successful in CAI development, contact centers must keep in mind the following points:

  • Speed of development: long development cycles, a steep learning curve or vast amounts of curated data are needed just to get proof of concept working.
  • Ease of CCX development: the answer is a hybrid conversational AI development platform that delivers the balance between intelligent automation and business users.
  • Start small: start with a small project and look for an area or topic that has a smaller initial audience while offering potentially high gains to the business.

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