One of the main reasons’ bots are failing is their conversational ability – or to be more precise, lack of it.

Brilliant bots must give users a humanlike experience, therefore if you’re building a bot, you need to make sure it is able to truly handle natural language conversations. Many of the bots out there may work fine if you follow a linear, prescribed way of engaging with them, by asking the questions and providing information in exactly the way that the bot developer intended. But unfortunately, we as humans tend not to do this—we communicate using natural language. We branch off at tangents, we circle back, we miss out crucial facts and figures, we ask for clarifications. We want to be able to speak to bots in a humanlike manner, and we want those bots to understand us.

Join Andy Peart, CMSO at Artificial Solutions as he discusses what steps to take to create a brilliant bot. As well as, Peter Joles, who will demo a Teneo built solution.

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