Conversational AI Use Cases

Limitless Applications.

Ranging from customer support, conversational interfaces and online sales, the use cases of conversational AI chatbots can be applied across any department and industry. Discover how Teneo is putting the power of AI into business function.

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Conversational AI for call center support

Contact Centers

Redirect calls to an intelligent, humanlike chatbot your customers will adore.

Frictionless Interactions

Conversational AI can transform overstretched contact centers by reducing the volume of inbound traffic and improving first call resolution rates, while delivering a frictionless customer experience.


Teneo allows enterprises to intelligently divert calls away from the contact center to a digital channel. This immediately saves on resources and allows the customer to receive an immediate and accurate answer to their query.

Resolve Issues Faster

Unlike bots built on simple frameworks, conversational AI applications powered by Teneo can carry out complex tasks, fill out forms, make recommendations, talk users through processes, set up new accounts and much more.


Teneo’s intelligent, humanlike interaction and ability to resolve even complex issues ensures that customers return to the automated channel the next time they need assistance. This allows enterprises to easily scale their contact centres to support greater user demand without increasing headcount.

Conversational AI for remote customer support

Customer Support

Help customers at every step and deliver the service they deserve.

Do More for Your Customers

Customers increasingly prefer self-serve options that let them solve their queries online. However, enabling this over multiple channels, in multiple languages, 24/7, in a way that makes it easy and fast for customers to access can be a challenge.


Conversational AI removes the need for complex menu systems and allows customer to simply ask for what they want. Whether it’s product query, a technical issue, or even organizing a return, Teneo can handle it with ease.

Integrate for Increased Personalization

Teneo seamlessly integrates into back-end systems allowing customers to receive highly personalised answers based on a wide range of factors such as previous purchases, preferences learned in conversation and geo-location.


Combined with the ability to use the conversational data generated to further increase personalization and receive actionable business insights, Teneo is the ideal choice to meet the demands of today’s online customer.

Conversational AI for online shopping and sales

Online Sales

Increase conversion rates and boost loyalty with a fast and frictionless experience.

More Than a Personal Shopper

Customers today value speed and convenience over price. But delivering a fast and easy experience online is fraught with challenges from complex menu systems to search boxes only capable of understanding specific terms.


Teneo allows customers to overcome these issues and simply ask for what they want in their own words. Capable of carry out a multitude of tasks your chatbot can configure products, cross-sell, upsell and help with administration too such as setting up an account, resetting passwords or managing loyalty cards.

Improve Conversion Rates

Google analytics might be able to tell which pages a customer visit, what links they clicked on and the exact point they gave up, but the reason why isn’t clear. Was it the wrong color or size? Were they looking for a particular feature?


Teneo allows you to discover these important details by analyzing the conversational data to glean insights that will drive your business forward. This information can also be used to personalize the conversation further and even offer discounts in real-time depending on the action taken by specific customers.

Conversational AI for different interfaces

Conversational Interfaces

Deliver a memorable customer experience with conversational AI.

Transform the Customer Experience

Conversational AI transforms the customer experience over a wide range of devices and applications from smart home automation and in-car entertainment, to gaming and mixed reality environments. It allows brands to differentiate from the competition with innovative interactions that truly engage the user.


Teneo enables businesses to harness the power of conversational AI and deliver a seemingly effortless experience across any device, service, or language. With its advanced humanlike understanding and intelligent response Teneo delivers the versatility needed to meet your customers needs.

Customer Data to Grow the Business

Teneo provides a fast, fun and intuitive way for users to interact quickly with your technology using their own words and phrases.


But a conversational experience does more than improve usability, it delivers a wealth of customer information that can be used to personalize the experience even further and provide actionable insight back to the business.


By building conversational interfaces with Teneo, enterprises not only own all the data generated, but also benefit from sophisticated data mining tools to maximise its use, while still complying with privacy regulations.

Conversational AI for HR support

HR Support

Increase employee engagement and streamline HR processes.

Deliver a Better Experience for Employees

From recruitment and onboarding to everyday management of employees, Teneo enables for many tasks to be automated. This dramatically improves HR efficiencies, while allowing staff to find the answer to their queries more quickly.


A Teneo based chatbot can take into into consideration any number of factors during each conversation including the employee’s job function, geographical location and the date. It then uses this information to deliver the most appropriate response to the employee’s question.

Advanced Integration for Greater Capability

In addition, the digital employee can remind staff of other activity that needs to be completed including tasks that relate to personnel they oversee. The chatbot can also handle ancillary actions that occur as direct result of the conversation such as arranges for notifications to be sent to other relevant personnel.


With easy integration into commonly used HR software such as Workday, Teneo allows HR staff to automate mundane tasks and free up time to concentrate on other tasks such as helping employees move forward with their career.

Conversational AI for IT support

IT Support

Enable employees to resolve their own tech issues quickly and keep your business moving.

Reducing the IT load

Teneo isn’t just for customer facing applications. It enables organizations to gain efficiencies with internal facing department too. Particularly those that deal with large volumes of employee enquiries such as IT Support.


With Teneo’s vast range of capabilities, chatbots can be developed to help employees diagnose incidents and provide first line resolution to many common problems such as resetting a password or setting up a hotspot, complete with “how to” style information.

Increased Functionality with Integration

In addition, if your chatbot can’t help the employee, it can raise a ticket or hand over to a human advisor on live chat. With Teneo, it’s easy to integrate into back end systems and third party software such as ServiceNow to provide even more functionality.