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of US consumers have changed their shopping behavior in response to Covid19.

– McKinsey


grocery sales grew 40% in 2020.

– Coresight Research


of restaurant traffic is now off-premise.

– Datassential

Delivering Online Expectations

Grocer and food brands across the world are facing a series of challenges that are far removed from their traditional bricks and mortar business. From remote ordering over mobile applications and far field devices, to food aggregators such as Just Eat and Grubhub that step in-between the brand and customer experience, delivering differentiation and maintaining loyalty is getting harder.

While many shoppers once preferred to visit a store to choose their own groceries, more people are turning towards curb-side pick-up, a trend that is rapidly accelerating since Covid19. Similarly, the quick serve restaurant industry is seeing an increase in takeaways. With McKinsey reporting that the US has experienced 10 years growth in ecommerce in only 3 months of 2020, those businesses that can offer a consistent, fast, and seamless online experience will win the brand loyalty battle that is currently up for grabs.

Conversational AI can help businesses deliver the experience customers crave, while adding value through increased personalization, simplifying the experience to increase order value and delivering greater online capabilities over any channel.

Conversational AI for meal plans

Conversational AI Use Cases for
Restaurants and Food Services

Increase Sales

By leveraging customer data to provide personalized special offers using natural language, Conversational AI platforms learn from customer behavior to deliver offers that are tailored to the customer’s tastes, habits and past purchases, boosting sales and order value.

Reduce Overheads

Customize the framework to match your small business processes using simple drag-and-drop tools.

Faster drive-thru

Increasing customer menu choice has come at a price, but a conversational assistant can help guide customer through the variations faster, remove inaccuracies that impact on the customer experience and upsell to increase order value.

Drive Loyalty

Conversational AI enables you to personalize the conversation and make suggestions based on their preferences, adding value not just to the customer experience, but the final order too.

Food Services Industry Insight

Disruption in the QSR Industry

Dave Parsin, APAC VP Sales at Artificial Solutions, analyses the main challenges the Quick Serve Restaurant sector is facing and how it’s possible to overcome them thanks to Conversational AI implementation.

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