Conversational AI in Insurance

A Faster Frictionless Experience

Drive efficiencies by redirecting customers to online channels and increase customer experience through faster claims.

Learn how insurance companies are investing in Conversational AI to innovate their business in this white paper.

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of large U.S. insurers have fully deployed AI solutions, including chatbots.

– LexisNexis


of agents with AI chatbots are able to spend more time solving complex problems.

– Salesforce


of live volume could be resolved through self-service channels.

– Gartner

Humanlike Understanding Increases Engagement

In sectors such as the insurance industry, a simple question can soon turn into a complex dialogue. Teneo’s humanlike, conversational AI abilities allows it to understand the context of an entire conversation and adapt the response accordingly. This highly intelligent and personalised approach increases the customer’s confidence in the overall service, while improving the customer experience.

Moreover, when speed and convenience has a direct impact on how customers view their overall brand experience, it’s important that insurance companies remove any points of friction that might get in the way. From initial onboarding, to updating a policy or making a claim, Teneo simplifies the process by allowing customers to ask for what they want to achieve, over whichever channel they prefer.

With advanced conversational AI technology and easy integration into back-end systems, even the most complex of claim forms can be auto-completed in minutes and a more comprehensive service delivered to the customer 24/7.

Conversational AI Use Cases in the Insurance Industry

Resolve Customer Claims

Relieve pressure in overstretched contact centers by reducing call volume and providing additional assistance to live agents with consistently right answers, frequently faster than internal systems.

Increase Conversion

With each conversation the chatbot learns more about the customers and it is able to proactively deliver offers and services tailored to each user.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Provide adequate support to employees by facilitating the most complex and time-consuming back-office operations, like managing internal documentation or training new staff members.

Why Choose The Teneo Conversational AI Platform

Conversational Dialog

Our human-like conversational technology allows for true understanding and intelligence for the ultimate experience.

Hybrid Model

Unique approach to linguistic and ML, delivering flexibility and speed to develop business-relevant AI apps in record time.


Develop once — deploy in over 40 languages. Switch language mid-sentence. Speak your customers’ language.

Actionable Insight

Unlock and learn from the knowledge held in the immense volumes of conversational data generated by your customers.

Cross Platform

Easily port your conversational applications to existing and future devices – build once, deploy many times.


Pre-built connectors allow easy integration across multiple business and customer service apps like RPA, CPaaS & STT.

Flexible Deployment

The flexibility between on-premises hosting in your own secure data center or in our managed cloud environment.


Connect bots, knowledge and resources that share information and knowledge in a network of intelligent bots.

chatbot in insurance case study

Teneo Powers the Digital Claims Officer of Sweden’s Biggest Mutual Insurance

In business for over 110 years, one of Sweden’s biggest mutual insurance providers employs almost 4,000 people to manage their large portfolio of insurances, including home, child, car, pet and boat insurance, as well as health, life and accident insurance, in addition to pension and other long-term savings.

Having experimented with basic AI technologies, the company and their technology partner Accenture quickly realized they would need a far more sophisticated solution that would be able to handle their enterprise digital transformation needs, easily handle more solutions over more channels in more languages and enable their in house teams to be able to build, manage and analyze those solutions on an ongoing basis.

Guided by Accenture’s comprehensive evaluation of the market, the company’s Center of Excellence quickly realized the Teneo Conversational AI platform would meet all these requirements and the digital assistant was brought to life.

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