Conversational AI in Government

Create Exceptional Citizen Services

Conversational AI helps modern government solutions deliver a vast range of services online and maximize their budget's potential.

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of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual assistants by 2020.

– Gartner


of senior public sector leaders say they are willing to adopt intelligent technologies.

– Accenture


of consumers would be open to making a purchase from a chatbot.

– Hubspot

Conversational AI Support

Increase Access to Online Services

Conversational AI is changing the way governments interact with both citizens and private sector partners by giving greater access to services through a variety of online channels.

Teneo enables governments to increase customer satisfaction by developing conversational applications that allow citizens to ask for what the want in their own words. This removes the need for people to navigate complex menu systems and simplifies transactional websites, while providing faster access to basic queries.

Conversational AI Champion

Improve Customer Satisfaction Through Automation

Teneo makes it easy to build intelligent conversational interfaces offering frontline support that can be accessed 24/7 over any service or device, while delivering a consistent response at a fraction of the cost of traditional customer service channels.

Providing vital information through conversational AI also removes the frustration people have when trying to find the right information online or waiting for assistance over the telephone.

But it’s not just citizens that can benefit. Government departments and agencies can also use Teneo to build chatbots for a wide range of applications from HR to IT Support to drive internal efficiencies and improve employee satisfaction too.

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