Conversational AI for Entertainment

Immersive. Intuitive. Intelligent.

Enhance everyday experiences with an immersive, conversational interaction that changes your customer’s world.

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Conversational AI Entertainment Dynamic

Dynamic experiences.

Conversational AI adds a new dimension to consumer entertainment. From simply chatting with the TV about the latest movies to storyline changing conversations inside a virtual reality game, an intelligent, humanlike interaction amplifies the immersive experience.

Teneo enables you to deliver a more personalized experience. In gaming for instance, it’s possible to individualize the storyline based on other information such as previous conversations, geo location or other third party information, while maintaining the overarching point of the game. The immersive experience is increased not only by seamless interaction within the game world, but also altering the path the player takes depending on the conversation makes branching storylines more natural.

But role playing games aren’t the only form of entertainment where conversational AI can help to deliver a more immersive experience. From online gambling sites that deliver the whole casino experience, to offering differentiation for businesses traditionally seen as bricks and mortar enterprises such as banking, the immersive experience of combining conversational AI with other forms of reality technology opens up a wealth of opportunities.

Conversational AI Intelligence

Emotional reactions.

Conversational AI delivers a deeper, richer experience than just command style interactions. It takes into consideration a wide range of emotions based on the context of words and how they are delivered by the user. These emotions could be used to influence the playlist on a home speaker, the movies a subscription service suggests to watch, even alter the role of other characters during a game.

With a decade of experience in natural language conversations, we have a wealth of knowledge on how an UI’s personality can affect user interaction, brand perception and believability. Teneo allows you set the tone and colloquial language you want your conversational UI to convey in order to develop a consistent personality.

Intuitive, humanlike conversational UIs increase user engagement, which helps to deliver a more immersive experience. Offering a faster and more natural experience than slot filling or command driven interactions conversational AI helps to reinforce the world they’re in, not jar the user into the next dimension.

Conversational AI Support

Built-in support.

The history of conversational AI is steeped in customer service applications, so it makes sense to use it to expand its use within the application to provide support to users. Whether it’s how to set-up  a surround sound system, or tips and tricks within a game, your customers will appreciate the extra feature.

This “built-in” support helps to increase the user experience by enabling a faster set-up, removing some of the frustrations of learning a new game, and resolving an issue easily without having to contact support.

With Teneo you can continually update this information, so as you roll out new feature updates, the support you provide can easily be updated too.