Conversational AI for Contact Centers

Customer Support of the Future

Meet your customers expectation by delivering a superior customer service through Conversational AI.

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the global call center AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.5% by 2024.

– Markets & Markets


of live volume could be resolved through self-service channels.

– Gartner


of agents with AI chatbots are able to spend more time solving complex problems.

– Salesforce

Benefits of Conversational AI in Call Centers

Reduce Costs

Cut call center costs by improving call resolution and deflection. AI chatbots can handle multiple queries at the same time, saving up to 4 minutes per enquiry compared to traditional call centers.

Boost Efficiency

Chatbots can take care of repetitive tasks, leaving your live agents to focus on more high-level tasks. The agent can always intervene if the situation requires it and work together with the chatbot to successfully complete the session.

Deliver a Personalized CX

Conversational chatbots can recognize the intent of the user, ask follow-up questions if needed and provide the right response to his query. Thanks to back-end integrations, they have access to customer context to personalize their answers.

Drive Differentiation

By adding conversational AI to their customer support, companies can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors, and extend their brand identity and personality, while increasing efficiency.

Conversational AI for contact center support

Customer Support at Scale

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of delivering frictionless customer experience, even during a global crisis. Call centers must be prepared to handle spikes in call volume and address them in an effective way no matter the circumstances, that’s why businesses from all sectors are highly investing in new technologies to support their customer service operations.

Among all, conversational AI is enabling companies to deliver superior customer support at scale, available 24/7 and using natural language. In other words, users can interact with AI-powered chatbot solutions using their everyday language and receive an instant answer to their queries.

Unlike bots built on simple frameworks, conversational AI solutions powered by Teneo can carry out complex tasks, fill out forms, make recommendations, talk users through processes, set up new accounts and much more.


Developed in only a few months, Circle K's virtual customer agent was able to reduce call volumes to the contact center, while delivering 24/7 customer support.

Conversational AI for call center omnichannel presence

Seamless Omni-channel Presence

Deploying a conversational chatbot in your call center allows you to deliver a consistent message and user experience across various communication channels.

Whether it’s through a messaging platform, a mobile app or a social media channel, the Teneo-based chatbots can serve your customers at their convenience, wherever they are and on whatever channel they chose.

Thanks to a series of intelligent connectors, Teneo that can be seamlessly integrated into business systems, communication platforms and more, and help you further improve customer satisfaction and increase your ROI, while taking your chatbot to the next level.

What’s more, Teneo lets your customers switch between channels mid-conversation and then continue from where they left.

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