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Eve Energizes Yello Strom's Online Customer Service

Influenced by demands from government regulators and pressure groups, utility companies are expected to offer their customers the very highest levels of customer service under difficult circumstances. Eve, a Teneo build virtual assistant, helps customers of  Yello Strom with all types of queries.


Energy & Utilities

Yello Strom boosts customer satisfaction and increases loyalty with Eve

One of the biggest drains for utility companies is the contact center. Moving customers to an automated online service is the obvious resolution, but many organizations are wary of losing customers in a maze of impersonal webpages, FAQs and email correspondence. However, there is an alternative.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants are revolutionizing online customer service. One such virtual assistant is Eve, who works for Yello Strom, an electricity company in Germany which has set itself the goal of providing its 1.1million customers the best possible service at a fair price. Eve is a Teneo Virtual Assistant from Artificial Solutions, and helps Yello Strom’s customers with all types of queries, from explaining their invoice and giving advice on the latest energy saving tips to making an appointment.

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Whether it’s helping a new customer or providing complex troubleshooting advice to an existing one, Eve reinforces a positive brand image that is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable.

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