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Widiba Uses Teneo to Deliver the Founding Values of its Customer Service

For this Italian bank, the desire to interact with its customers started long before its launch when it garnered ideas and suggestions from over 150,000 users to help create the products and services it offers. Widiba uses Teneo to deliver the founding values of its customer service.



Creating a positive experience online

Widiba offers its customers a high level of customization via its banking platform, such as allowing customers to choose their own account number. This level of personalization can make creating a bank account or carrying out a transaction different to customer’s normal experience of online banking. Therefore, with the same spirit of innovation, Widiba wanted to offer its customers an intelligent digital employee, available 24 hours a day that could assist customers and resolve any queries.

Using its extensive experience of the banking industry, Artificial Solutions built Widdy, a conversational digital employee capable of sophisticated understanding of complex issues who not only helps customers, but is able to continually learn from these interactions.

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We wanted to create an intelligent online assistant that was easy to update with new knowledge and capabilities, that would deliver a high quality of service, and create a positive customer experience.


Head of Business at Widiba

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