Success Story

Swisscom achieves major growth with Teneo

In collaboration with Artificial Solutions, Swisscom has built and developed a range of Conversational AI solutions, services and products to expand the company’s reach across the DACH region. Conversational voice solutions and chatbots have been developed to drive digital engagement, increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Highlights

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase of +18 points
  • 9 million calls per year supported by Teneo built CAI solution
  • Solution covers German, Italian, French and English
  • Vast contact center performance improvements in conversion rate, transfer quotas and automation
  • Swisscom Box: Voice Assistant built using Teneo
  • Swisscom TV: Able to take vocal commands and take direct actions
  • Swisscom is now offering its own Conversational AI development services to its business customers
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Our customer enquiry hotline will be considerably more productive thanks to human spoken interaction with our systems. Our voice-controlled hotline system improves the customer experience by assigning enquires quickly and accurately, maximizing the valuable resources of our hotline agents.
We enable everybody to get in touch with Swisscom and use its products and services in the most natural way.
ROGER DILL Product Owner Dialogue Manager, Swisscom
Swisscom represents an outstanding use case for the telecoms industry and one that should be paid attention to. The results he has achieved so far, especially considering the many challenges associated with AI projects, are worth learning more about.
PER OTTOSSON CEO, Artificial Solutions

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