How Swisscom is achieving major growth with Teneo

Swisscom has built and developed a range of Conversational voice solutions and chatbots to drive digital engagement, increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Their Teneo-built solution is at the forefront of Swisscom's contact center and is the first point of contact a customer has with the business across four languages.
Multilingual & Scalable

The Conversational AI solution covers 4 languages: German, Italian, French and English

Flexible platform

Swisscom needed a platform that could seamlessly work and integrate with its pre-existing systems

No data? No problem!

Swisscom deployed the solution easily, with little or no data due to Teneo’s Lexical Resources (TLRs).

contact center

The Results

New products, new services, new opportunities to scale

0 +

Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase of +18 points

0 M

9 million calls per year supported by the Teneo built CAI solution


Solution covers four languages: German, Italian, French and English
Over the past two years, Swisscom has rapidly expanded and scaled its Conversational AI solution in order to create brand new products and services while constantly increasing the complexity of its CAI bots.
The services guarantee natural and continuous conversation that goes beyond straightforward Q&As, but that efficiently resolve simple customer requests through easy self-service, while ensuring the availability of expert staff who can focus on solving complex
This has created one of the best customer experiences within the telecommunication industry, as the combination of machine and human support provides Swisscom customers with an outstanding level of engagement over the phone or when online.
Swisscom deployed the solution easily, with little or no data due to Teneo’s Lexical Resources (TLRs). These unique resources give Swisscom a large number of pre-defined language objects and phrases, making it easy to take that the first steps to deploying the solution. Furthermore, Swisscom was able to integrate its solution with other components thanks to the open accessibility of Teneo and the simplicity of connecting other technologies via API integrations and scripting capabilities. For Swisscom, this was a critical part of the decision to adopt Teneo as the platform to build CAI solutions. The organization required a platform that could seamlessly integrate nd be built to work with its pre-existing systems.
Swisscom’s aim within the core PLATO team of developers supporting business units is to develop, coach and handover each specific new use case to their business unit within six months, easily achievable due to Teneo’s unique usability.
``Our customer enquiry hotline will be considerably more productive thanks to human spoken interaction with our systems. Our voice-controlled hotline system improves the customer experience by assigning enquires quickly and accurately, maximizing the valuable resources of our hotline agents.``

The Challenge

Swisscom is one of the most innovative and sustainable telecommunication organizations based in Switzerland. The organization places customer service at the forefront of its operations and invests in technology and a wide range of initiatives in order to deliver industry-leading standards of care.
At the end of March 2022, Swisscom also had 2.51 million customers in the residential customer segment and maintained fixed-line broadband connections and TV connections, at 2.03 million connections for broadband and 1.59 million connections for TV.
In 2020, Swisscom received over 10 million customer requests per year. The volume of calls to the company’s contact center placed a significant amount of stress and required major resources to manage and maintain customer satisfaction.
The telecommunications industry was also in a state of digital transformation with a significantly higher standard of customer service expected. International telecom competitors were investing millions into digital technologies in order to gain an edge as the new battle ground for the industry became customer satisfaction. Major advertising campaigns continue to promote the elevated levels of customer satisfaction achieved by telecommunication providers
The company also faced specific demographic challenges to provide the perfect conversational experience. Switzerland is a multilingual country with a heavy international presence. Therefore, any Conversational solution needed to be delivered in four languages:
English, French, Italian and German. To handle the vast number of customer requests that are carried out over multiple channels, Swisscom looked for omnichannel and integrated solutions.
Additionally, the company wanted an on-premise solution that complied with its high security standards. A further feature that was required was to be able to reuse existing solutions in new use cases, where there would be no need to build up a fully-fledged environment for every new use case.

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The Solution

A leading Conversational AI platform for a leading telecommunications business
To deliver conversational solutions 24/7 that were easy to deploy, integrable with other components and adaptable to Switzerland’s multilingual environment, Swisscom decided to work with Teneo. Artificial Solutions’ industry-leading SaaS platform, which offered the functionality, ability to scale, language integrations and collaborative tools that the business required to pursue its ambitions.
Once Swisscom had realized the full potential of its Teneo built solution and the impact it had, the business decided to use the platform to develop its own home voice assistant, Swisscom Box. The product allows smart home control and integrates with the likes of Netflix, Sky, DAZN and other content providers.
The voice recognition system was built using Teneo, highlighting the additional capabilities of the platform and how the technology can be used to develop new opportunities for telecommunication businesses.

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