Success Story

Teneo-powered Digital Claims Officer Starts Work

One of Sweden’s biggest mutual insurance companies enabled its internal Center of Excellence, to investigate enterprise-grade Conversational AI solutions as a long-term opportunity to build even better customer experience and service, and firmly position them as an “insuretech company”.

Best technology for the job

In business for over 110 years, one of Sweden’s biggest mutual insurance providers employs almost 4,000 people to manage their large portfolio of insurances, including home, child, car, pet and boat insurance, as well as health, life and accident insurance, in addition to pension and other long-term savings.

Having experimented with basic AI technologies, the company and their technology partner Accenture quickly realized they would need a far more sophisticated solution that would be able to handle their enterprise digital transformation needs, easily handle more solutions over more channels in more languages and enable their in house teams to be able to build, manage and analyze those solutions on an ongoing basis.

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Guided by Accenture’s comprehensive evaluation of the market, the company’s Center of Excellence quickly realized the Teneo Conversational AI platform would meet all these requirements and the digital assistant was brought to life.

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