Success Story

Teneo Powers Voice-based Virtual Assistant Thanks to a Robust Cpaas Integration

This global financial organization wanted a solution to help its Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) maximize their time, by speeding up the process for completing mandatory client reports needed after each on-site meeting.

Impacting employees' productivity

For this financial organization, a leader in investment banking and financial services, optimizing the Client Relationship Manager (CRM) report task was key to support its asset management business.

The CRMs spend most of their working hours on the road meeting clients and attending new prospects. After engaging with each client, they must report the outcome of the meeting and store this data in their client data center. However, this process was completely manual, and CRMs could only carry it out once they were back in the office, with the risk of delay or loss of valuable information.

The company used the Teneo Platform to build a conversational application that would allow these teams to submit reports on the phone, by conversing with a Virtual Assistant (VA) in a very natural way.

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Thanks to Teneo, CRMs could reduce the average task execution time x7, going from 15 minutes to only 2 minutes. By simplifying and speeding up this process, they can free up to 86% more time from each report, allowing them to spend more valuable face to face time with each client.

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