Chatbots: The Definitive Guide (2020)

This is the ultimate guide to Chatbots in 2020.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

• What chatbots are & how they work
• The must have chatbot features
• The value of chatbots for business
• And lots more

So, if you want to become a chatbot pro, this guide is for you.


Fundamentals of chatbots

Chapter 1:
Chatbot Fundamentals

Chatbot technology types

Chapter 2:
Types of Chatbot Technology

limitations for chatbots

Chapter 3:
Chatbot Limitations

live chat vs chatbots

Chapter 4:
Chatbots vs Live Chat

what is an AI chatbot platform?

Chapter 5:
What is a Chatbot Platform?

What does an ai chatbot do

Chapter 6:
What is an AI Chatbot?

ai chatbot features and benefits

Chapter 7:
Must-Have Chatbot Features and Benefits

AI chatbots for business

Chapter 8:
The Value of AI Chatbots for Business

Customer experience ai chatbots

Chapter 9:
AI Chatbots for Customer Experience

use cases and examples for chatbots

Chapter 10:
Chatbot Examples & Use Cases

Case studies for chatbots

Chapter 11:
Chatbot Case Studies

Chapter 12:
Chatbot Statistics (New Data – 2020 & Beyond)

conversational ai chatbots the future

Bonus Chapter:
The Future of Chatbots